John Kelly

  • nar. 29.6.1901
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 9.12.1947 (46 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1972 El metiche
1969 El hombre de negro
1968 Blue Demon destructor de espias
1967 Caballos de acero
1950 Aventuras de un nuevo rico
Una mujer decente
1948 Sofia
1947 Kapitán Boycotte
Ladies' Man
The Mighty McGurk
1946 Blue Skies
Cross My Heart
Joe Palooka, Champ
The Dark Corner
Young Widow
1945 Boogie Woogie
I'll Tell the World
Nob Hill
That Night with You
The Blonde from Brooklyn
The Tiger Woman
Trail to Vengeance
Zázračný muž
1944 Once Upon a Time
Story of Carrier X, The
Summer Storm
Up in Arms
1943 Coney Island
It's a Great Life
Jack London
No Time for Love
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
1942 Broadway
Girl Trouble
Historky z metropole
Jail House Blues
Larceny, Inc.
Moje dívka Sally
My Favorite Blonde
Přístav lásky
Ten Gentlemen from West Point
1941 Blondie in Society
Lidská síla
Reaching for the Sun
Shadow of the Thin Man
The Pittsburgh Kid
Three Sons o' Guns
Topper se vrací
You're in the Army Now
1940 Black Friday
Bowery Boy
Castle on the Hudson
I Want a Divorce
My Little Chickadee
Road to Singapore
Sandy Is a Lady
The Green Hornet
1939 Burn 'Em Up O'Connor
Kid Nightingale
Meet Dr. Christian
Sergeant Madden
Sudden Money
These Glamour Girls
They Shall Have Music
Wolf Call
1938 Convicts at Large
Everybody's Doing It
Female Fugitive
Hrdina dne
Leopardí žena
The Sisters
1937 23 1/2 Hours Leave
Angel's Holiday
Armored Car
Behind the Mike
Live, Love and Learn
Merry Go Round of 1938
Portia on Trial
That's My Story!
The Big Shot
The Grand Bounce
The Last Gangster
When's Your Birthday?
Wings Over Honolulu
You Can't Buy Luck
1936 After the Thin Man
Chudá bohatá holčička
Easy Money
Fugitive in the Sky
In Paris, A.W.O.L.
It Had to Happen
Kelly the Second
Lady Luck
Law in Her Hands, The
Our Relations
Polo Joe
San Francisco
The Bridge of Sighs
The Devil Is a Sissy
The Gentleman from Louisiana
The Walking Dead
Timothy's Quest
Tough Guy
U slaměných vdov
1935 Biography of a Bachelor Girl
Dr. Socrates
Hitch Hike Lady
Motive for Revenge
Navy Wife
Public Hero #1
Special Agent
Stolen Harmony
We're in the Money
West Point of the Air
Woman Wanted
1934 Kid Millions
Little Miss Marker
Many Happy Returns
Men of the Night
Murder in the Private Car
The Band Plays On
1933 Ace of Aces
Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men
Broadway Through a Keyhole
Cheyenne Kid, The
Goodbye Love
Havana Widows
I Love That Man
Morning Glory
Son of a Sailor
The Bowery
The Little Giant
The Nuisance
The Prizefighter and the Lady
The Secret of Madame Blanche
The Women in His Life
Three-Cornered Moon
1932 Big City Blues
Dance Team
Hold 'Em Jail
Madison Sq. Garden
The All-American
The Devil Is Driving
The Mouthpiece
Two Seconds
Week Ends Only
Winner Take All
Zjizvená tvář
1931 Dobyvatelé pekla
Ladies of the Big House
Mr. Lemon of Orange
Subway Express
Suicide Fleet
The Miracle Woman
1930 Born Reckless
The Doorway to Hell
The Man Hunter
They Learned About Women
1929 Broadway
From Headquarters
1928 Blindfold
Dressed to Kill
Romance of the Underworld
Sharp Shooters
V dokách newyorských
1927 After Midnight

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.

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