Winter Hall

  • nar. 21.6.1872
    Christchurch, Nový Zéland
  • zem. 10.2.1947 (74 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1938 Four Men and a Prayer
Kdybych byl králem
1937 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
Poslední otrokář
The Toast of New York
1936 Champagne Charlie
Lloyd's of London
Marie Stuartovna
The Bohemian Girl
The Crime of Dr. Forbes
The Invisible Ray
Two in a Crowd
1935 A Tale of Two Cities
Don't Bet on Blondes
Vzpoura na lodi Bounty
1934 British Agent
Judge Priest
Mills of the Gods
The Barretts of Wimpole Street
The Pursuit of Happiness
The World Moves On
Veselá vdova
What Every Woman Knows
1933 Cavalcade
The Monkey's Paw
1932 Madame Racketeer
The Man Called Back
The Strange Case of Clara Deane
Tomorrow and Tomorrow
1931 Confessions of a Co-Ed
Girls Demand Excitement
1930 Passion Flower
Road to Paradise
1929 High Seas
Přehlídka lásky
The Lost Zeppelin
The Racketeer
The Wrecker
Woman to Woman
1928 After the Verdict
The Forger
1925 Ben Hur
Free to Love
Pleasure Buyers
The Boomerang
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work
1924 Husbands and Lovers
Name the Man
Tajemství lásky
The Only Woman
The Right of the Strongest
The Turmoil
1923 Ashes of Vengeance
Her Reputation
Little Church Around the Corner
The Day of Faith
The Voice from the Minaret
Tropická vášeň
Wasted Lives
1922 Burning Sands
East Is West
On the High Seas
Saturday Night
Skin Deep
1921 Cheated Hearts
Forbidden Fruit
Her Social Value
The Affairs of Anatol
The Breaking Point
The Child Thou Gavest Me
The Great Impersonation
The Jucklins
The Little Clown
The Witching Hour
What Every Woman Knows
1920 Alias Jimmy Valentine
Behold My Wife
Hearts Are Trumps
The Deadlier Sex
The Forbidden Woman
The Third Woman
The Thirteenth Commandment
The Tree of Knowledge
The Woman in His House
1919 A Girl in Bohemia
Alias Mike Moran
For Better, for Worse
Rudá lucerna
Tajuplný poklad
The Beauty Market
The Dub
The Hushed Hour
The Money Corral
The Right to Happiness
The Turn in the Road
When Bearcat Went Dry
Why Smith Left Home
1918 Beauty in Chains
Hitting the High Spots
New Love for Old
Rich Man, Poor Man
The Bravest Way
The City of Dim Faces
The Firefly of France
The House of Silence
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
The Mystery Girl
The Squaw Man
The Vanity Pool
Till I Come Back to You
1917 My Little Boy
Romance zlatých polí
The Bronze Bride
The Cricket
The Gift Girl
The Primrose Ring
The Silent Lady
The Spindle of Life
1916 The Joan of Arc of Loos
The Pioneers
The Woman in the Case

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