Robert Ellis

  • nar. 27.6.1892
    Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • zem. 29.12.1974 (82 let)
    Santa Monica, California, USA


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1934 A Girl of the Limberlost
A Very Honorable Guy
Dancing Man
Friends of Mr. Sweeney
Gambling Lady
I've Got Your Number
Kid Millions
Madame Spy
Now I'll Tell
1933 Notorious But Nice
Only Yesterday
Police Call
Reform Girl
Soldiers of the Storm
The Constant Woman
The Curse of a Broken Heart
The Important Witness
The Sphinx
Thrill Hunter, The
1932 Americké šílenství
Behind Stone Walls
Broadway to Cheyenne
Come on Danger!
Daring Danger
Man's Land, A
Officer Thirteen
One Man Law
Scandal for Sale
Slightly Married
Speed Demon
The All-American
The Fighting Fool
The Last Man
The Penal Code
The Phantom Express
White Eagle
Women Won't Tell
1931 Aloha
Caught Cheating
Dancing Dynamite
Is There Justice?
Mounted Fury
Murder at Midnight
The Deadline
The Devil Plays
The Fighting Sheriff
The Good Bad Girl
The Last Parade
1930 Squealer, The
What Men Want
1929 Night Parade
The Love Trap
Tonight at Twelve
1928 Freedom of the Press
Marry the Girl
Restless Youth
The Law and the Man
The Law's Lash
1927 Lure of the Night Club
1926 Brooding Eyes
Devil's Dice
Ladies of Leisure
The Girl from Montmartre
Whispering Canyon
1925 Capital Punishment
Forbidden Cargo
Lady Robinhood
Northern Code
S.O.S. Perils of the Sea
The Part Time Wife
1924 Cafe in Cairo, A
For Sale
Lovers' Lane
On Probation
Silk Stocking Sal
The Law Forbids
1923 Mark of the Beast
Mladý pán a komorná
Tajemství východu
The Flame of Life
The Wild Party
1922 Anna Ascends
Dangerous Little Demon, The
Hurricane's Gal
Love's Masquerade
The Infidel
The Woman Who Fooled Herself
Wild Honey
1921 Handcuffs or Kisses
Ladies Must Live
1920 The Daughter Pays
1919 In for Thirty Days
Peggy Does Her Darndest
Spite Bride, The
The Third Kiss
Upstairs and Down
1918 Brown of Harvard
1917 The Lifted Veil
1915 Adventure at Briarcliff, The
Black Ring, The
Cabaret Singer, The
First Commandment, The
Girl and the Bachelor, The
Legacy of Folly, The
Secret Room, The
Seventh Commandment, The
The Glory of Youth
Third Commandment, The
1914 His Inspiration
Perils of the White Lights
Secret of the Will, The
The Black Sheep

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1937 Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo - povídka
Charlie Chan on Broadway - povídka
1936 Charlie Chanovo tajemství - povídka
Federal Agent - povídka
1933 Twin Husbands - povídka

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1952 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)

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