Roy Stewart

  • nar. 17.10.1883
    San Diego, California, USA
  • zem. 26.4.1933 (49 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1933 Fargo Express
King Kong
The Rustler's Roundup
Zoo in Budapest
1932 Come On, Tarzan
Come on Danger!
Mystery Ranch
1931 Fighting Caravans
Three Rogues
1930 Born Reckless
Men Without Women
Rough Romance
The Lone Star Ranger
1929 Protection
The Great Divide
1928 In Old Arizona
Stormy Waters
The Candy Kid
The Skywayman
1927 Cross Country Run
El indio Yaqui
One Woman to Another
Roaring Fires
The Midnight Watch
1926 Daniel Boone Through the Wilderness
General Custer at Little Big Horn
The Lady from Hell
With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail
You Never Know Women
1925 Kit Carson Over the Great Divide
Time, the Comedian
Where the Worst Begins
1924 Sundown
The Woman on the Jury
1923 Better Than Gold
God's Law
Hard to Beat
Hearts of Oak
Knights of the Timber
One of Three
Plamenná slova
Pure Grit
The Doomed Sentinels
The Fight for a Mine
The Guilty Hand
The Love Brand
The Radio-Active Bomb
The Secret Code
The Showdown
Trimmed in Scarlet
Under Secret Orders
1922 Back to Yellow Jacket
Blue Blood and Red
Giants of the Open
Kings of the Forest
One Eighth Apache
Rustlers of the Redwoods
The Further Adventures of Yorke Norroy
The Radio King
The Sagebrush Trail
The Snowshoe Trail
Timberland Treachery
1921 A Motion to Adjourn
Her Social Value
Life's Greatest Question
Prisoners of Love
The Heart of the North
The Innocent Cheat
The Mistress of Shenstone
1920 Just a Wife
Riders of the Dawn
The Devil to Pay
The Lone Hand
The Money Changers
The Sagebrusher
The U.P. Trail
1919 The Beauty Market
The Westerners
1918 By Proxy
Cactus Crandall
Faith Endurin'
Irish Eyes
Keith of the Border
Paying His Debt
The Fly God
The Girl o' Dreams
The Law's Outlaw
The Red-Haired Cupid
The Silent Rider
Wolves of the Border
1917 A Daughter of the Poor
A Young Patriot
Bond of Fear
Come Through
Follow the Girl
June Madness
One Shot Ross
The Boss of the Lazy Y
The Devil Dodger
The Double Standard
The Fugitive
The Girl Reporter's Scoop
The Learnin' of Jim Benton
The Medicine Man
The Winning Pair
1916 Jungle Gentleman
Little Hero
Lying Lips
Mixed Blood
The Blindness
The Bruiser
The Craving
The Hills of Glory
The House Built Upon Sand
The Inner Struggle
The Other Side of the Door
The Reclamation
The Smugglers of Santa Cruz
The Thoroughbred
1915 A Broken Cloud
From Italy's Shores
Just Nuts
The Diamond from the Sky
The Exile of Bar-K Ranch
The Greater Courage
The Guy Upstairs
The Hungry Actors
The Mighty Hold
The Silver Lining
The Solution to the Mystery
The Substitute Minister
The Terror of Twin Mountains
The Wasp
Willie Runs the Park
1914 The Hoosier Schoolmaster


1985 American Masters (TV seriál) - a.z.
1938 Personality Parade - a.z.
1934 Movie Memories - a.z.
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 13

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