Mary Alden

  • nar. 18.6.1883
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 2.7.1946 (63 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1937 That I May Live
1936 Career Woman
Gentle Julia
Legion of Terror
1935 One More Spring
The Great Hotel Murder
1932 Hell's House
Rasputin and the Empress
Strange Interlude
When a Fellow Needs a Friend
1931 Politics
Špatná sestra
1929 Port of Dreams
1928 Fools for Luck
Ladies of the Mob
Sawdust Paradise
Someone to Love
1927 The Joy Girl
The Potters
Twin Flappers
1926 April Fool
Brown of Harvard
Lovey Mary
The Earth Woman
1925 Faint Perfume
The Happy Warrior
The Plastic Age
The Unwritten Law
Under the Rouge
1924 A Fool's Awakening
Painted People
The Beloved Brute
When a Girl Loves
1923 Has the World Gone Mad!
Pleasure Mad
The Eagle's Feather
The Empty Cradle
The Steadfast Heart
The Tents of Allah
1922 A Woman's Woman
Disposing of Mother
Man with Two Mothers
The Bond Boy
The Hidden Woman
1921 Snowblind
The Old Nest
The Witching Hour
Trust Your Wife
1920 Honest Hutch
Miss Nobody
Parted Curtains
Silk Husbands and Calico Wives
The Inferior Sex
1919 Common Clay
Erstwhile Susan
The Broken Butterfly
The Mother and the Law
The Unpardonable Sin
1918 The Narrow Path
The Naulahka
1917 The Argyle Case
The Land of Promise
1916 Acquitted
An Innocent Magdalene
Hell-to-Pay Austin
Less Than the Dust
Pillars of Society
The Good Bad Man
The Narrow Path
1915 A Man's Prerogative
Bred in the Bone
Her Mother's Daughter
The Lily and the Rose
The Lucky Transfer
The Outcast
The Slave Girl
What Might Have Been
Zrození národa
1914 A Red Man's Heart
A Woman Scorned
Another Chance
Boj pohlaví
Cigar Butts
Dad's Outlaws
For the Sake of Kate
Home, Sweet Home
In Fear of His Past
Lord Chumley
The Double Knot
The Godfather
The Little Country Mouse
The Lover's Gift
The Milkfed Boy
The Old Fisherman's Story
The Old Maid
The Quicksands
The Second Mrs. Roebuck
The Severed Thong
The Stiletto
The Unpainted Portrait
The Vengeance of Gold
The Weaker Strain
The Wrong Prescription
1913 A Dog-Gone Baron
I Should Worry
Love and Gold
Man and Woman
The Better Way
The Dividing Line
The Grip of Jealousy
The Worker
1911 A Brass Button

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