Crauford Kent

  • nar. 12.10.1881
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 14.5.1953 (71 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1952 Pat a Mike
1951 Painting the Clouds with Sunshine
1950 Tea for Two
1949 Samson & Dalila
1948 The Woman in White
1947 If Winter Comes
The Imperfect Lady
1946 Devotion
The Verdict
1945 Kitty
The Dolly Sisters
The Fatal Witness
The Picture of Dorian Gray
1944 Four Jills in a Jeep
The Black Parachute
The Lodger
1943 City Without Men
The Constant Nymph
The Mysterious Doctor
1942 Flight Lieutenant
Journey for Margaret
Keeper of the Flame
1941 A Yank in the R.A.F.
International Squadron
Our Wife
Paris Calling
Shining Victory
Time Out for Rhythm
1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's
I Was an Adventuress
Pán sedmi moří
Skrytý nepřítel
South of Suez
Zahraniční dopisovatel
1939 I Was a Convict
Pride of the Blue Grass
Rovin' Tumbleweeds
Rulers of the Sea
We Are Not Alone
1938 A Christmas Carol
Blond Cheat
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Letter of Introduction
Love, Honor and Behave
Service de Luxe
1937 Loď ztracených duší
Nad Irskem hřmí
Navy Spy
Přátelé z onoho světa
Rich Relations
The Soldier and the Lady
The Toast of New York
1936 Daniel Boone
Down the Stretch
Hitch Hike to Heaven
It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Did
O'Malley of the Mounted
The Luckiest Girl in the World
The Unguarded Hour
The Walking Dead
The White Angel
Útok lehké kavalerie
1935 Born to Gamble
I Found Stella Parish
Magnificent Obsession
Princezna inkognito
Vanessa: Her Love Story
Vzpoura na lodi Bounty
1934 Crimson Romance
Down to Their Last Yacht
Evelyn Prentice
Lady by Choice
Little Miss Marker
Nový život
The Lost Jungle
The Lost Jungle - a.z.
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
1933 Alias the Professor
File 113
Her Resale Value
Lost in Limehouse
Neviditelný muž
Only Yesterday
Sailor Be Good
The Eagle and the Hawk
Thru Thin and Thicket, or Who's Zoo in Africa
1932 Murder at Dawn
Payment Deferred
Sally of the Subway
Sinister Hands
The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass
The Fighting Gentleman
The Menace
The Purchase Price
The Thirteenth Guest
The Western Limited
Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
1931 Body and Soul
Grief Street
Morals for Women
Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
Women Men Marry
1930 Girl of the Port
In the Next Room
Ladies Love Brutes
Sweethearts and Wives
The Devil to Pay!
The Second Floor Mystery
The Unholy Three
Three Faces East
1929 Careers
Come Across
Man, Woman and Wife
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Ace of Scotland Yard
The Charlatan
The Wolf of Wall Street
1928 Bitter Sweets
Into No Man's Land
Manhattan Knights
Out with the Tide
Queen of the Chorus
Show Folks
The Foreign Legion
The Olympic Hero
1927 His Dog
Little Mickey Grogan
Rose of the Bowery
See You In Jail
The Missing Link
1926 College Days
Fifth Avenue
Mona Lisa
Morganson's Finish
Out of the Storm
Pirates of the Sky
That Model from Paris
The Outsider
The Winning Wallop
1925 Easy Money
Man and Maid
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Midshipman
The Pride of the Force
1924 Daddies
Flowing Gold
Lovers' Lane
The Guilty One
The Painted Flapper
Turned Up
Virtue's Revolt
Zkouška ženy
1923 Abysmal Brute
The Eagle's Feather
The Self-Made Wife
1922 Other Women's Clothes
Shadows of the Sea
Shirley of the Circus
Silas Marner
The Hidden Woman
1921 Jane Eyre
The Plaything of Broadway
1920 Clothes
Dollars and the Woman
Mrtev před zákonem
Other Men's Shoes
Youthful Folly
1919 Come Out of the Kitchen
Good Gracious, Annabelle
The Career of Katherine Bush
The Splendid Romance
Thou Shalt Not
1918 Kildare of Storm
The Better Half
The Danger Mark
The Inn of the Blue Moon
The Knife
The Ordeal of Rosetta
The Song of Songs
The Trap
1917 Broadway Jones
Double Crossed
The Antics of Ann
1916 Dollars and the Woman
Her Bleeding Heart
Love's Toll
Sorrows of Happiness
The Evil Thereof
The Heart of the Hills
1915 A Domestic Revolution
Blown Upon
Broken Vows
Eliza's Fairy Prince
Greater Love Hath No Man
In Raw Color
Simon, the Jester
The Deep Purple
The Little Miss Brown
The Pretenders
1914 Mother's Darling Little Boy

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