Vivien Oakland

  • nar. 20.5.1895
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • zem. 1.8.1958 (63 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1965 Laurel a Hardy - a.z.
1951 Punchy Pancho
1950 Bunco Squad
The Secret Fury
1948 Home Canning
1947 Borrowed Blonde
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
That's My Gal
1946 Magnificent Doll
Night and Day
Riverboat Rhythm
Sister Kenny
Social Terrors
The Locket
1945 Man Alive
The Man Who Walked Alone
1944 The Girl Who Dared
1943 The Adventures of a Rookie
1942 A Tragedy at Midnight
Laugh Your Blues Away
Sappy Pappy
The Man in the Trunk
USS VD: Ship of Shame
1941 An Apple in His Eye
It Happened All Night
Mad About Moonshine
Moon Over Her Shoulder
Of Men and Menus
The Ring and the Belle
1940 'Taint Legal
Drafted in the Depot
Laurel a Hardy studují
Mr. Clyde Goes to Broadway
Mutiny in the County
On Their Own
Pop Always Pays
Slightly at Sea
Sunk by the Census
Trailer Tragedy
1939 Act Your Age
Baby Daze
Boom Goes the Groom
Clock Wise
Feathered Pests
Kennedy the Great
Maid to Order
Ostrov ztracených
The Girl from Mexico
1938 A Clean Sweep
Beaux and Errors
Berth Quakes
Condemned Women
Crime Ring
Double Danger
Fool Coverage
His Pest Friend
Rebellious Daughters
Slander House
There's That Woman Again
1937 Amateur Crook
Bad Housekeeping
Dumb's the Word
Knee Action
Locks and Bonds
Mile a Minute Love
Na divokém západě
Should Wives Work?
Tramp Trouble
Wrong Romance
1936 It's Up to You
Lady Luck
One Live Ghost
The Bride Walks Out
Who's Looney Now
1935 Alimony Aches
Atlantic Adventure
Keystone Hotel
Rendezvous at Midnight
Star of Midnight
Vzpoura na lodi Bounty
1934 Get Along Little Hubby
I Believed in You
In the Dog House
Merry Wives of Reno
Money Means Nothing
One Too Many
Perfectly Mismated
The Defense Rests
The Fuller Gush Man
1933 Neighbors' Wives
Only Yesterday
1932 Cock of the Air
Divorce a la Mode
Laurel a Hardy obětmi prohibice
Lights Out
Running Hollywood
Secrets of the French Police
The Tenderfoot
They Just Had to Get Married
Union Wages
1931 A Clean-Up on the Curb
A House Divided
Frozen Face
Gold Dust Gertie
How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones, No. 3: 'The Niblick'
Lime Juice Nights
Many a Slip
The Age for Love
The Gossipy Plumber
1930 A Lady Surrenders
A Matter of Ethics
Back Pay
Big Hearted
Let Me Explain
Oh, Sailor Behave!
Over the Radio
The Florodora Girl
The Matrimonial Bed
Their Wives' Vacation
1929 In the Headlines
Loud Soup
Off to Buffalo
The Crazy Nut
The Hall of Injustice
The Time, the Place and the Girl
Thundering Toupees
To je má žena
1928 Galloping Ghosts
Imagine My Embarrassment
The Man in Hobbles
We Faw Down
1927 Love 'Em and Weep
Two-Time Mama
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Wedding Bill$
1926 Don Key (A Son of Burro)
Forty-five Minutes from Hollywood
Když šla teta kolem
Long Pants
Mama Behave
Mighty Like a Moose
Never Too Old
Redheads Preferred
Say It with Babies
Should Husbands Pay?
Tell 'Em Nothing
Tony Runs Wild
Ukulele Sheiks
Wife Tamers
Your Husband's Past
1925 The Rainbow Trail
The Teaser
1924 Madonna of the Streets
1915 Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.


1967 Nestárnoucí smích - a.z.

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