Marie Mosquini

  • nar. 3.12.1899
    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • zem. 21.2.1983 (83 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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1938 Trade Winds
Tropic Holiday
1937 Mountain Music
Turn Off the Moon
1929 The Black Book
1928 Do Your Duty
1927 Two Girls Wanted
V sedmém nebi
1926 Do Your Duty
Good and Naughty
1925 Fighting Fluid
Is Marriage the Bunk?
Tame Men and Wild Women
1924 Big Moments from Little Pictures
Don't Park There
Friend Husband
Gee Whiz, Genevieve
Get Busy
Going to Congress
High Brow Stuff
Should Landlords Live?
Stolen Goods
The Cake Eater
The Cowboy Sheik
Two Wagons: Both Covered
Young Oldfield
1923 A Tough Winter
Before the Public
California or Bust
Courtship of Miles Sandwich
Dear Ol' Pal
Dig Up
Finger Prints
Hustlin' Hank
It's a Gift
It's a Joy!
Jack Frost
Join the Circus
Jus' Passin' Through
O patro výš
Post No Bills
Save the Ship
Short Orders
Sold at Auction
The Mystery Man
The Walkout
Uncensored Movies
Wait for Me
Where Am I?
1922 365 Days
Blow 'Em Up
Call the Witness
Days of Old
Do Me a Favor
Down and Out
Full o' Pep
Hale and Hearty
Hook, Line and Sinker
Hot Off the Press
In the Movies
Jump Your Job
Kill the Nerve
Light Showers
Lose No Time
Newly Rich
Pardon Me
Punch the Clock
Some Baby
Stage Struck
Strictly Modern
The Anvil Chorus
The Bow-Wows
The Dumb-Bell
The Old Sea Dog
The Stone Age
Years to Come
1921 At the Ringside
Big Game
Blue Sunday
Bubbling Over
Fellow Romans
Fifteen Minutes
Gone to the Country
High Rollers
His Best Girl
Hocus Pocus
Late Hours
Late Lodgers
Law and Order
Make It Snappy
Name the Day
No Children
No Stop-Over
On Location
Open Another Bottle
Own Your Own Home
Rush Orders
Save Your Money
Shake 'Em Up
Sink or Swim
Spot Cash
Teaching the Teacher
The Bike Bug
The Corner Pocket
The Hustler
The Jail Bird
The Joy Rider
The Killjoys
The Morning After
What a Whopper!
Where's the Fire
Whirl o' the West
You're Next
1920 A London Bobby
All Lit Up
All in a Day
Any Old Port
Call a Taxi
Cash Customers
Cracked Wedding Bells
Cut the Cards
Doing Time
Don't Rock the Boat
Don't Weaken
Drink Hearty
Fellow Citizens
Find the Girl
Flat Broke
Fresh Paint
Go As You Please
Grab the Ghost
Insulting the Sultan
Jeho výsost Lišák
Live and Learn
Money to Burn
Nearly a Maid
On ve strašidelném domě
Park Your Car
Raise the Rent
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Run 'Em Ragged
Shoot on Sight
Speed to Spare
The Dear Departed
The Dinner Hour
The Dippy Dentist
The Home Stretch
Trotting Through Turkey
Waltz Me Around
When the Wind Blows
Why Go Home?
1919 A Jazzed Honeymoon
A Sammy in Siberia
Back to the Woods
Be My Wife
Chop Suey & Co.
Count Your Change
Count the Votes
Crack Your Heels
Do You Love Your Wife?
Going! Going! Gone!
He Leads, Others Follow
Heap Big Chief
His Only Father
Hoot Mon!
Hustling for Health
Just Neighbors
Looking for Trouble
Next Aisle Over
Off the Trolley
On a mrakodrap
On maratónským závodníkem
On mezi lupiči
On mezi pirátkami
On se chce oženit
On the Fire
Pay Your Dues
Půjdu si po svém
Si, Senor
Soft Money
Start Something
Swat the Crook
The Floor Below
The Rajah
Wanted - $5,000
Young Mr. Jazz
Žádné strkání
1918 Fare, Please
Just Rambling Along
No Place Like Jail
She Loves Me Not
That's Him
The Movie Dummy
The Tip
1917 All Aboard
From London to Laramie
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley
Lonesome Luke's Wild Women
Lonesome Luke, Mechanic
Love, Laughs and Lather
Luke's Busy Day
Stop! Luke! Listen!
We Never Sleep


1991 Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio - a.z.
1961 Dny vzrušení a smíchu - a.z.
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 3

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