Lee Shumway

  • nar. 4.3.1884
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • zem. 4.1.1959 (74 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1946 Roll on Texas Moon
1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington
1942 Ice-Capades Revue
Krásná čarodějka
The Lady Has Plans
1941 I Wanted Wings
Meet Boston Blackie
Ride on Vaquero
Sunset in Wyoming
The Face Behind the Mask
Wide Open Town
1940 Drums of Fu Manchu
The Gay Caballero
The Shadow
1939 It Could Happen to You
1938 City Streets
There's That Woman Again
1937 Hollywood Round-Up
Loď ztracených duší
Nancy Steele Is Missing!
San Quentin
1936 Go-get-'em Haines
Great Guy
Pravý muž
The Preview Murder Mystery
1935 Branded a Coward
Hitch Hike Lady
Let 'em Have It
The Ivory-Handled Gun
1934 A Very Honorable Guy
Million Dollar Baby
The Big Shakedown
1933 From Headquarters
Mystery of the Wax Museum
The Silk Express
1932 Central Park
1931 The Fighting Marshal
1930 The Lone Defender
The Lone Star Ranger
1929 Evangeline
1927 The Great Mail Robbery
1926 One Minute to Play
The Bat
The Sign of the Claw
Whispering Canyon
1925 The Air Mail
The Price of Success
The Texas Bearcat
1924 The Night Hawk
1923 Hearts Aflame
The Lone Star Ranger
1922 Over the Border
1921 Society Secrets
The Lure of Jade
The Torrent
1920 A Beggar in Purple
The Daredevil
The Gamesters
Wanted at Headquarters
When Dawn Came
1919 Eve in Exile
The Speed Maniac
1918 The Bird of Prey
Two Gun Betty
1917 Honorably Discharged
1915 Margie of the Underworld
Tap! Tap! Tap!
The Death Web
1914 A Father's Heart
Blotted Out
Claim Number Three
On Suspicion
On the Brink
Sealed Orders
The Measure of a Man
The Signal
The Tell-Tale Star
The Test of Courage
Vengeance Is Mine
Within the Noose
1913 The Snake

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