Richard Tucker

  • nar. 4.6.1884
    Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 5.12.1942 (58 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1982 Dance of the Cookoos - a.z.
1966 Spaceship to the Unknown (TV film) - a.z.
1946 Jungle Terror - a.z.
1940 Road to Singapore
1939 Girl from Rio
Risky Business
Sudden Money
The Covered Trailer
The Great Victor Herbert
They Made Her a Spy
While America Sleeps
1938 Delinquent Parents
Letter of Introduction
On the Great White Trail
Pilot č. 7
Sons of the Legion
Texaští střelci
The Girl Downstairs
The Girl of the Golden West
The Higgins Family
Trade Winds
1937 Armored Car
Dangerous Holiday
Headline Crasher
I Cover the War!
Jungle Menace
Make a Wish
Roaring Timber
She's Dangerous
She's Got Everything
Smím prosit?
Something to Sing About
The Girl Said No
The Little Maestro
The Woman I Love
Trapped by G-Men
Ve víru velkoměsta
We Who Are About to Die
1936 Děvče se špatnou pověstí
Flash Gordon - a.z.
Flash Gordon
Flying Hostess
In His Steps
In Paris, A.W.O.L.
Ring Around the Moon
Special Agent K-7
The Farmer in the Dell
The Plot Thickens
Two Minutes to Play
Velký Ziegfeld
1935 Biography of a Bachelor Girl
Buried Loot
Calm Yourself
Danteho peklo
Diamond Jim
Father Knows Best
Here Comes the Band
It's in the Air
Mister Dynamite
Murder in the Fleet
Shadow of Doubt
Society Doctor
Symphony of Living
Ten Dollar Raise
Too Tough to Kill
West Point of the Air
1934 A Modern Hero
A Successful Failure
Back Page
Countess of Monte Cristo
Elinor Norton
Evelyn Prentice
Handy Andy
Looking for Trouble
Money Means Nothing
Operator 13
Paris Interlude
Public Stenographer
Sadie McKee
Sing Sing Nights
Take the Stand
The Girl from Missouri
The Road to Ruin
The Show-Off
This Side of Heaven
Wild Gold
1933 College Coach
Daring Daughters
Day of Reckoning
Goodbye Love
Her Resale Value
Made on Broadway
Meet the Baron
Men Must Fight
Midnight Mary
Only Yesterday
Saturday's Millions
The Iron Master
The Women in His Life
The Working Man
The World Gone Mad
1932 A Successful Calamity
Careless Lady
Guilty as Hell
Hat Check Girl
Pack Up Your Troubles
Rule 'Em and Weep
Symphony of Six Million
The Crash
The Stoker
Week-end Marriage
1931 A Holy Terror
Hell Bound
Maker of Men
Stepping Out
The Black Camel
The Deceiver
The Devil Plays
The Spy
Too Young to Marry
Up for Murder
X Marks the Spot
1930 Brothers
College Lovers
Madonna of the Streets
Peacock Alley
Puttin' on the Ritz
Recaptured Love
Safety in Numbers
The Bat Whispers
1929 Daughters of Desire
Half Marriage
Navy Blues
Painted Faces
Ruby Lips
The Dummy
The King of the Kongo
The Squall
The Unholy Night
This Is Heaven
1928 A Bit of Heaven
Beware of Married Men
Captain Swagger
Love Over Night
Loves of an Actress
Lucky Boy
My Man
On Trial
Show Folks
Show Girl
Thanks for the Buggy Ride
The Border Patrol
The Crimson City
The Grain of Dust
1927 A Kiss in a Taxi
Jazzový zpěvák
Matinee Ladies
The Bush Leaguer
The Desired Woman
The Lash
The World at Her Feet
Women's Wares
1926 Devil's Island
Shameful Behavior?
That's My Baby
The Blind Goddess
The Lily
1925 The Air Mail
The Bridge of Sighs
The Golden Cocoon
The Lure of the Wild
The Man Without a Country
1924 40-Horse Hawkins
Beau Brummel
Helen's Babies
Star Dust Trail
The Fast Worker
The Tornado
1923 Cameo Kirby
Hearts Aflame
Her Accidental Husband
Is Divorce a Failure?
Poor Men's Wives
The Broken Wing
The Dangerous Age
The Eleventh Hour
1922 A Self-Made Man
Grand Larceny
Rags to Riches
Strange Idols
The Worldly Madonna
When the Devil Drives
Yellow Men and Gold
1921 A Virginia Courtship
A Voice in the Dark
Don't Neglect Your Wife
Everything for Sale
Roads of Destiny
The Old Nest
Voices of the City
What Love Will Do
1920 Darling Mine
Dollars and Sense
The Branding Iron
The Great Lover
The Woman in Room 13
1917 Babbling Tongues
Behind the Mask
The Cloud
The Law of the North
The Little Chevalier
The Master Passion
The On-the-Square Girl
The Power of Decision
The Royal Pauper
Think It Over
Threads of Fate
1916 The Cossack Whip
When Love Is King
1915 A Child in Judgment
In Spite of All
On the Stroke of Twelve
The Black Eagle
The Butler
The Experiment
The Landing of the Pilgrims
The Magistrate's Story
The Ring of the Borgias
The Tailor's Bill
The Voice of Conscience
Vanity Fair
Waifs of the Sea
1914 A Romance of the Everglades
Back to the Simple Life
Clarence and Percy's Sailing Party
Grand Opera in Rubeville
His Comrade's Wife
Rorke's Drift
Southerners, The
The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor
The Birth of the Star Spangled Banner
The Girl in the Middy
The Hand of Iron
The Message in the Rose
The Message of the Sun Dial
The Mexican's Gratitude
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
The Stenographer
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
The Two Vanrevels
What Could She Do
While the Tide Was Rising
1913 A Gentleman's Gentleman
A Letter to Uncle Sam
A Mutual Understanding
A Proposal from the Duke
A Reluctant Cinderella
A Wilful Colleen's Way
An Almond-Eyed Maid
Bread On the Waters
Hard Cash
Her Royal Highness
In the Garden
Janet of the Dunes
Mercy Merrick
The Elder Brother
The Family's Honor
The Man Who Wouldn't Marry
The Mystery of West Sedgwick
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Signal
The Translation of a Savage
The Treasure of Captain Kidd
Who Will Marry Mary?
1911 Mae's Suitors
No Cooking Allowed

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.
1952 Omnibus (TV seriál) - a.z.


1936 Hollywood: The Second Step

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