Shaun Costello

  • nar. 1.1.1944 (76 let)
    New York City, New York, USA


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Herecká filmografie


2008 Sleazy Stags from Dad's Secret Stash! - a.z.
2007 Extreme Sleaze Showcase: 8mm Madness Part V - a.z.
1989 Enrapture
1986 Behind the Brown Door - a.z.
1983 Merle Michaels' Fantasies - a.z.
1982 Double Pleasure - a.z.
My Mistress Electra - vyp.
1981 Pandora's Mirror
Please... Mr. Postman
1980 Samantha Fox's Fantasies - a.z.
1979 More Than Sisters
The Two Lives of Jennifer
1978 A Taste of Bette
Daughters of Discipline
Slave of Pleasure
1977 Betrayed Teens
Cherry Hustlers
Dirty Susan
Enema Bandit
Joy of Humiliation
Lisa Meets Mr. Big
The Fire in Francesca
1976 Cheryl's Surrender
French Schoolgirls - a.z.
Girl Scout Cookies
Midnight Desires
Sensuous Flygirls
Sensuous Vixens
She's No Angel
Sin of Lust
That Lady from Rio
The Anger in Jenny
The Bordello Girls - a.z.
The Dark Side of Danielle
The Fury in Alice
The Story of Eloise
The Summer of Suzanne
The Travails of June
The Untamed Vixens
Tortured Woman
Venture Into the Bizzare - vyp.
Women in Uniform
1975 Baby Oil
China Doll
Gladys and Her All-Girl Band
Kathy's Graduation Present
Private Practice
Schoolgirl's Reunion
The Passions of Carol
The School for Sexual Arts
Two Senoritas
Wild Girls
1974 Come Fly with Us
Hotel Hooker
Lady on the Couch
Lip Service
Love Bus, The
Pen Pals
Teenage Nurses
The Hardy Girls
1973 Come and Be Purified
Forced Entry
Go Fly a Kite
Guess Who's Coming
Honeymoon Suite
Joe Rock Superstar
Sexual Freedom in the Ozarks
Sweet Sexteen
Teachers and Cream
The Tycoon's Daughter
Tina Makes a Deal
1972 Selling It - a.z.
Sexual Customs in Scandinavia
1971 Bottoms Up
Love in the Rain
Magical Ring, The


1971 Making the Blue Film

Scénografická filmografie


1983 Hot Dreams
1981 Pandora's Mirror

Kameramanská filmografie


1990 Writing for Time

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