Barbara Tennant

  • nar. 19.5.1892
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 18.3.1982 (89 let)


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Herecká filmografie


1931 Maitressa Guvernérova
1928 A Jim Jam Janitor
Motorboat Mamas
Run, Girl, Run
1927 A Small Town Princess
Broadway After Midnight
Hidden Aces
Král králů
Should Sleepwalkers Marry?
Smith's Fishing Trip
Smith's Kindergarten
The Clown
The Devil Dancer
The Wreck
Your Wife and Mine
1926 A Blonde's Revenge
Fight Night
Hearts and Spangles
Her Sacrifice
Hubby's Quiet Little Game
The Divorce Dodger
The Perils of Petersboro
1925 Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
Faint Perfume
Love and Kisses
Manekýnka z Broadwaye
The Midnight Flyer
1924 Captain January
Poisoned Paradise
The House of Youth
The Street of Tears
You Can't Get Away with It
1923 Circus Days
The Drug Traffic
The Old Fool
1922 Bulldog Courage
Deserted at the Altar
The Golden Gallows
The Infidel
The Love Gambler
The Masquerader
1921 Shadows of Conscience
What Love Will Do
Wolves of the North
1919 The Better Wife
What Every Woman Wants
When a Man Loves
1917 The Submarine Eye
1916 The Closed Road
The Price of Malice
1915 An Indian Diamond
The Butterfly
The Gray Mask
1914 Across the Pacific
Allah 3311
At the Crossing
His Daughter
His Servant
Into the Wilderness
Tango Versus Poker
The Devil Fox of the North
The Dollar Mark
The First Nugget
The Link in the Chain
The Marked Woman
The Price
When Broadway Was a Trail
When God Wills
1913 Cynthy
For Better or for Worse
For His Child's Sake
Fortune's Pet
From the Beyond
In the Night
Lady Babbie
Nobody's Love Story
Over the Cliffs
Soul to Soul
The Beaten Path
The Crimson Cross
The Faith Healer
The Great Unknown
The Greater Call
The Highwayman's Shoes
The Honor of Lady Beaumont
The Law of the Wild
The Little Mother of Black Pine Trail
The Love Chase
The Man Who Dared
The Return of Crime
The Return of Lady Linda
The Sons of a Soldier
The Spectre Bridegroom
The Stronger
The Superior Law
The Telegraph Operator
The Thirst for Gold
The Trail of the Hanging Rock
The Trail of the Silver Fox
Thus Saith the Lord
When Light Came Back
When Pierrot Met Pierrette
Why Aunt Jane Never Married
1912 A Choice by Accident
A Double Misunderstanding
Aunt Hetty's Goldfish
Because of Bobbie
Boys Again
Caprices of Fortune
Chamber of Forgetfulness
Dick's Wife
Filial Love
Foiling a Fortune Hunter
Hearts and Memories
Robin Hood
Silent Jim
That Loving Man
The Actress Pulls the Strings
The Black Sheep
The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
The Double Cross
The Dreamers
The Governor's Daughter
The High Cost of Living
The Holy City
The Passing Parade
The Poisoned Pool
The Rustic Maiden
The Transgression of Deacon Jones
Their Children's Approval
Three Men and a Girl
What Father Did

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