Ed Brady

  • nar. 6.12.1889
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 31.3.1942 (52 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1943 Flicker Flashbacks No. 1, Series 1 - a.z.
1942 Apache Trail
Bad Men of the Hills
Henry Aldrich, Editor
In Old California
Karibští piráti
Law of the Jungle
The Forest Rangers
Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die
Valley of the Sun
1941 Billy the Kid
Fugitive Valley
Gangs of Sonora
Honky Tonk
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island
Pot o' Gold
Sign of the Wolf
Sullivanovy cesty
The Get-Away
The Gunman from Bodie
Wide Open Town
Wyoming Wildcat
1940 20 Mule Team
Abraham Lincoln
Adventures of Red Ryder
Dark Command
Forty Little Mothers
Laurel a Hardy na moři
Li'l Abner
North West Mounted Police
Návrat neviditelného muže
Prairie Law
Shooting High
The Border Legion
The Captain Is a Lady
The Cheyenne Kid
The Range Busters
Wagon Train
When the Daltons Rode
Youth Will Be Served
1939 Behind Prison Gates
Dick Tracy's G-Men
Here I Am a Stranger
Mesquite Buckaroo
Město ztracených
North of the Yukon
Romance of the Redwoods
Rose of Washington Square
Saga of Death Valley
Scouts to the Rescue
Slightly Honorable
Southward Ho
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Arizona Kid
The Oklahoma Kid
The Oregon Trail
Tower of London
Union Pacific
Vzpoura žen
1938 Blockade
Border Wolves
Kdybych byl králem
Little Miss Broadway
Marie Antoinetta
Over the Wall
Sestra ze Sing-Singu
Texaští střelci
The Cowboy and the Lady
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Mysterious Rider
Thunder in the Desert
1937 Carnival Queen
Chicago hoří
Danger Valley
Hraběnka Walewská
It Happened Out West
Man of the People
Merry Go Round of 1938
Nancy Steele Is Missing!
Riders of the Dawn
Tim Tyler's Luck
We Who Are About to Die
Wells Fargo
1936 Banjo on My Knee
Byl jsem lynčován
Drift Fence
Děvče z baru
Klondike Annie
Pravý muž
Rose of the Rancho
Sutter's Gold
Sworn Enemy
1935 Case of the Missing Man
His Family Tree
It's a Small World
Kavalíři mořských hlubin
Princess O'Hara
Princezna inkognito
Public Hero #1
The Arizonian
The Rainmakers
The Whole Town's Talking
Times Square Lady
Under Pressure
Your Uncle Dudley
1934 A Wicked Woman
Against the Law
Everything's Ducky
George White's Scandals
Mills of the Gods
Ostrov pokladů
Roast-Beef and Movies
Their Big Moment
1933 Before Dawn
Emergency Call
Galloping Romeo
Girl Missing
Gun Justice
He Couldn't Take It
Man Hunt
Noční let
Oliver Twist
One Sunday Afternoon
Parachute Jumper
Ranger's Code
Sensation Hunters
The Lone Avenger
The Nuisance
The Son of Kong
Tillie and Gus
Under the Tonto Rim
1932 Destry Rides Again
Forbidden Trail
Frisco Jenny
Hat Check Girl
Hell-Fire Austin
Law of the West
Madame Racketeer
Nebezpečná rudovláska
South of Santa Fe
Sundown Rider
The Golden West
The Match King
The Night Club Lady
The Phantom President
Without Honor
1931 Americká tragédie
Beyond Victory
Desert Vengeance
Ladies of the Big House
Oklahoma Jim
Shanghaied Love
The Conquering Horde
The Nevada Buckaroo
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
The Squaw Man
The Texas Ranger
1930 A Devil with Women
Abraham Lincoln
Chléb náš vezdejší
Madonna of the Streets
The Last of the Duanes
The Spoilers
The Texan
Western Knights
Won by a Neck
1929 Alibi
Lesson No. 1
Stewed, Fried and Boiled
The Delightful Rogue
The Trespasser
The Virginian
1928 Do Your Duty
Dressed to Kill
Harold Teen
The Bushranger
The Code of the Scarlet
The Noose
1927 Clancy's Kosher Wedding
Hoof Marks
Král králů
Lost at the Front
Slide, Kelly, Slide
The Rose of Kildare
1926 Bachelor Brides
Plavci na Volze
The Winning of Barbara Worth
Three Faces East
Whispering Canyon
1925 A Child of the Prairie
Flower of Night
Marry Me
Peacock Feathers
The Thundering Herd
1924 Dancing Cheat
Růže Paříže
Stolen Secrets
The Deadwood Coach
The Fighting Adventurer
The Man Who Would Not Die
The Price She Paid
Záhada pod zemí
1923 Racing Hearts
The Broken Wing
The Eternal Struggle
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
To the Last Man
1922 A Question of Honor
Boy Crazy
If You Believe It, It's So
Over the Border
The Old Homestead
The Pride of Palomar
The Siren Call
1921 Cheated Love
The Kiss
The Rough Diamond
The Silent Call
1920 Terror Island
The Kentucky Colonel
The Yellow Typhoon
1919 Almost a Husband
The False Code
The Great Radium Mystery
When Bearcat Went Dry
1918 Are Wives Unreasonable?
Beyond the Shadows
Deuce Duncan
Everywoman's Husband
Faith Endurin'
I Love Charles Albert
Marked Cards
Mr. Briggs Closes the House
Mr. Miller Muddles Through
Mr. Miller's Economies
Old Hartwell's Cub
The Grey Parasol
The Gun Woman
The Poor Fish
The Shoes That Danced
Who Killed Walton?
Wild Life
1917 Fires of Rebellion
Flat Harmony
God's Crucible
In Payment of the Past
Indiscreet Corinne
The Devil's Bait
The Double Room Mystery
The Flame of Youth
The Goddess of Chance
The Grip of Love
The Heart of Jules Carson
The High Sign
The Last of Her Clan
The Learnin' of Jim Benton
The Making of Bob Mason's Wife
The Penalty of Silence
The Reed Case
The Return of Soapweed Scotty
The Spindle of Life
The Stolen Play
Wild Sumac
Won in the Stretch
1916 A Soul at Stake
Arthur's Desperate Resolve
Green Eyes
He Wrote a Book
Hedge of Heart's Desire
Only a Rose
Out of the Shadows
Pat's Pasting Ways
Power of the Cross
So Shall Ye Reap
The Decoy
The Deluded Wife
The Flirting Bride
The Girl Detective
The Mainspring
The Man He Might Have Been
The Purchase Price
The Road to Fame
The Sultana
The Twin Triangle
1915 A Child of the Prairie
Alice of the Lake
Blue Blood and Yellow
Cactus Jim's Shop Girl
For the Commonwealth
Her Career
Houses of Glass
Iole the Christian
Ma's Girls
Neal of the Navy
Pals in Blue
Polishing Up Polly
Přepadení dostavníku
Robert Thorne Forecloses
Sage Brush Tom
The Eagle and the Sparrow
The Fruit of Folly
The Last of the Stills
The Legal Light
The Man from Texas
The Odd Slipper
The Outlaw's Bride
The Pomp of Earth
The Reaping
The Yellow Streak
Today and Tomorrow
Toil and Tyranny
When Justice Sleeps
Who Pays?
1914 A Flash in the Dark
A Gypsy Romance
A Seminary Consumed by Flames
An Hour of Youth
Breed o' the Mountains
Fires of Conscience
From the Flames
Heart of the Hills
Leading Lizzie Astray
The Countess Betty's Mine
The Fruit of Evil
The Greater Devotion
The Intruder
The Leaven of Good
The Magic Skin
The Mountaineer
The Test
The Varsity Race
The Voice of the Viola
The Wheel of Life
Whoso Diggeth a Pit
1913 A Cracksman Santa Claus
A Hopi Legend
A Seaside Samaritan
Her Nephews from Labrador
Like Darby and Joan
The Child of the Prairies
The Cracksman's Reformation
The Fires of Fate
The Heart of a Cracksman
The Lightning Bolt
1911 War

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