Lucille Young

  • nar. 6.3.1883
    Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • zem. 2.8.1934 (51 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1926 Desert Greed
1925 Lightnin'
Quicker'n Lightnin'
1920 The Daredevil
The False Road
The Terror
1919 Fighting for Gold
The Virtuous Thief
1918 Fuss and Feathers
Rajská růže
The Devil's Wheel
The Greatest Thing in Life
1917 High Play
The Soul of Satan
The Topsy Turvy Twins
Whose Wife?
1916 A Man's Hardest Fight
Daphne and the Pirate
Sweet Kitty Bellairs
The Better Man
The Flying Torpedo
The Heiress at Coffee Dan's
The Invisible Enemy
The Old Folks at Home
1915 A Kentucky Girl
Farewell to Thee
For His Wife's Sake
Hearts United
Joe's Partner, Bill
Margie of the Underworld
Rose Leaves
Tap! Tap! Tap!
The Artist's Wife
The Bride of the Sea
The Death Web
The Mystic Jewel
The Spell of the Poppy
The Wildcat
The Woman from Warren's
Thoughts of Tonight
With Stolen Money
1914 Atonement
Called Back
His Prior Claim
In the Spider's Web
Jake's Hoodoo
Message of the Mind
On Suspicion
The Deacon's Son
The Portrait of Anita
The Vow
1913 Good-for-Nothing Jack
Hearts and Crosses
Hilda of the Mountains
In the End
The Cheyenne Massacre
The Poet and the Soldier
The Tragedy of Big Eagle Mine
The Trail of the Lonesome Mine
The Wayward Son
When Joe Went West
1912 A Timely Repentance
Reflections from the Firelight
The Kid and the Sleuth
The Strange Story of Elsie Mason
Through the Flames
1911 Adrift
Behind the Times
Just for Her
Over the Hills
The Battle of the Wills
The Brothers
The Imposter
The Last Appeal
The Piece of String
The Rose's Story
The Scarlet Letter
The Temptress
The Wife's Awakening
Through the Air
Tony and the Stork
Waiting at the Church
When Love Was Blind
1910 An Indian's Gratitude
The Vicar of Wakefield

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