Peter Gawthorne

  • nar. 1.9.1884
    Queen's County, Irsko
  • zem. 17.3.1962 (77 let)
    London, Anglie, Velká Británie


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1954 Tale of Three Women
1953 Knights of the Round Table
1950 Soho Conspiracy
1949 Case of Charles Peace, The
High Jinks in Society
Šlechetné srdce a šlechtické korunky
1946 This Man Is Mine
1944 Bell-Bottom George
Stolibrové okénko
1943 We'll Meet Again
1942 Let the People Sing
Much Too Shy
The First of the Few
The Young Mr. Pitt
They Flew Alone
Women Aren't Angels
1941 Bedrník Smith
Crook's Tour
I Thank You
Láska na podporu
Old Mother Riley's Ghosts
1940 Among Human Wolves
Laugh It Off
They Came by Night
Three Silent Men
Two for Danger
Where's That Fire?
1939 Ask a Policeman
Band Waggon
Dead Men Are Dangerous
Flying Fifty-Five
Inspector Hornleigh
Sbohem, pane Chips
Sword of Honour
What Would You Do, Chums?
1938 Alf's Button Afloat
Convict 99
Easy Riches
Hey! Hey! USA
1937 Father Steps Out
Good Morning, Boys
The Last Adventurers
The Ticket of Leave Man
Under a Cloud
1936 Crime Over London
East Meets West
Everybody Dance
Man Behind the Mask, The
Pot Luck
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
The Crouching Beast
Windbag the Sailor
Wolf's Clothing
1935 Crime Unlimited
Man of the Moment
Me and Marlborough
Murder at Monte Carlo
No Limit
Stormy Weather
The Divine Spark
Who's Your Father
1934 Camels Are Coming, The
Dirty Work
Girls Please!
Girls Will Be Boys
Grand Prix
Money Mad
Mr. Stringfellow Says No
My Old Dutch
The Iron Duke
Tys má nejkrásnější
1933 Leave It to Smith
Perfect Understanding
Prince of Arcadia
The House of Trent
1932 C.O.D.
Flag Lieutenant, The
His Lordship
1931 Charlie Chan Carries On
I Like Your Nerve
The Man Who Came Back
1930 Temple Tower
Those Three French Girls
1929 Behind That Curtain
His Glorious Night
One Hysterical Night
Sunnyside Up

TV seriály

1956 Adventure Theater (TV seriál)

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