Joe King

  • nar. 9.2.1883
    Austin, Texas, USA
  • zem. 11.4.1951 (68 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1946 Magnificent Doll
1944 Beautiful But Broke
The Great Moment
1943 Bombardier
Keep 'Em Slugging
Sestra jeho komorníka
She Has What It Takes
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday
The Fallen Sparrow
The Iron Major
1942 Butch Minds the Baby
Gentleman Jim
Silver Queen
Skleněný klíč
The Big Shot
1941 Badlands of Dakota
Blondie Goes Latin
Bullets for O'Hara
Sedmá kavalérie
Strange Alibi
Četař York
1940 Always a Bride
Black Friday
Charlie Chan v muzeu voskových figurín
Danger on Wheels
It's a Date
Pony Express Days
Sirotek Glorie
The Flag of Humanity
Those Were the Days!
Three Cheers for the Irish
Trail of the Vigilantes
When the Daltons Rode
You're Not So Tough
1939 Code of the Secret Service
East Side of Heaven
Let Us Live
My Son Is a Criminal
Off the Record
Old Hickory
Pan Smith přichází
Pardon Our Nerve
Smashing the Money Ring
Vzpoura žen
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
You Can't Get Away with Murder
1938 Alexandrův ragtime band
Arsene Lupin Returns
City Streets
Heart of the North
Ostrov bázně
Strange Faces
1937 Armored Car
Big Town Girl
Chicago hoří
Fly Away Baby
God's Country and the Woman
Hot Water
Land Beyond the Law
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
Mountain Justice
Once a Doctor
San Quentin
Second Honeymoon
That Man's Here Again
Ve víru velkoměsta
White Bondage
1936 Anthony Adverse
Bullets or Ballots
Cain and Mabel
China Clipper
Freshman Love
Polo Joe
Public Enemy's Wife
Road Gang
Satan Met a Lady
Snowed Under
Sons o' Guns
The Case of the Velvet Claws
The Singing Kid
The Walking Dead
1935 Alibi Ike
Broadway Hostess
Frisco Kid
Front Page Woman
Let 'em Have It
Man of Iron
Moonlight on the Prairie
Romance of the West
Shipmates Forever
Special Agent
We're in the Money
1934 Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen
Woman in the Dark
1932 The Trial of Vivienne Ware
1930 Roadhouse Nights
1929 Battle of Paris
The Laughing Lady
1926 Tin Gods
1924 The Masked Dancer
Unguarded Women
1923 Big Brother
Counterfeit Love
The Daring Years
1922 Sisters
The Face in the Fog
Valley of Silent Men, The
1921 Anne of Little Smoky
Girl with the Jazz Heart, The
Idol of the North, The
Moral Fibre
The Scarab Ring
1920 Broadway Bubble, The
Children Not Wanted
Man and Woman
The North Wind's Malice
The Sea Master
The Woman God Sent
1919 False Evidence
Imp, The
Love's Prisoner
The Right to Lie
Way of the Strong
1918 Answer, The
Everywoman's Husband
Hand at the Window, The
Heiress for a Day
Irish Eyes
Secret Code, The
Shifting Sands
The Last Rebel
The Vortex
1917 Big Timber
Hell Hath No Fury
Her Salvation
Madame Du Barry
Sands of Sacrifice
The Law North of 65
The Rose of Blood
Until They Get Me
Wild Winship's Widow
1916 Sweet Kitty Bellairs
The Selfish Woman
1915 A Girl of the Pines
A Wild Irish Rose
A Woman's Debt
Diana of Eagle Mountain
Haunted Hearts
Sculptor's Model, The
The Cad
The Clause in the Constitution
The Dancer
The Duchess
The Eternal Feminine
The Faith of Her Fathers
The Grim Messenger
The Human Menace
The Mother Instinct
The Mystery Woman
The People of the Pit
The Ring of Destiny
The Whirling Disk
Their Hour
1914 A Law Unto Herself
A Splendid Sacrifice
A Wife on a Wager
Be Neutral
Etienne of the Glad Heart
Her Bounty
Hole in the Garden Wall, The
In Defiance of the Law
Lost by a Hair
Love's Western Flight
Mayor's Manicure, The
Midnight Visitor, The
Nan of the Hills
Out of the Depths
Passing of the Beast
Pipes o' Pan, The
Reconciled in Blood
Siss Dobbins, Oil Magnet
Suspended Sentence
The Cop on the Beat
The Fire Jugglers
The Going of the White Swan
The Heart of Maggie Malone
The Heart of a Magdalene
The Lily of the Valley
The Padrone's Ward
The Salvation of Nance O'Shaughnessy
The White Mouse
The Wilderness Mail
Unto the Third and Fourth Generation
When the Night Call Came
1913 A Bluegrass Romance
A Cure for Carelessness
A Frontier Wife
A Highland Romance
His Sister
Mounted Officer Flynn
Smiling Dan
Texas Kelly at Bay
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Dangling Noose
The Failure of Success
The Favorite Son
The House of Bondage
The Lost Dispatch
The Marshal's Capture
The Missionary and the Actress
The Mysterious Way
The Sharpshooter
The Sinews of War
The Touch of a Child
The Wheels of Destiny
When Lincoln Paid
Will o' the Wisp
With Lee in Virginia
1912 His Sense of Duty
The Army Surgeon
The Ball Player and the Bandit
When Lee Surrenders


1977 The Force Beyond - a.z.

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