Leo White

  • nar. 10.11.1873
    Graudenz, Západní Prusko, Německá říše
  • zem. 20.9.1948 (74 let)
    Glendale, California, USA


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1949 Flaxy Martin
My Dream Is Yours
So You Want to Be Popular
The Fountainhead
1948 April Showers
Silver River
So You Want to Be a Gambler
So You Want to Be on the Radio
1947 So You're Going to Be a Father
The Unfaithful
1946 So You Think You're a Nervous Wreck
So You Want to Keep Your Hair
The Verdict
Three Strangers
Two Guys from Milwaukee
Uloupený život
1945 Dáma ve vlaku
The Big Show-Off
The Spanish Main
1944 Dobrodružství Marka Twaina
Pan Skeffington
1943 Appointment in Berlin
Background to Danger
The Hard Way
The Mysterious Doctor
1942 Bullet Scars
Four Jacks and a Jill
George Washington Slept Here
Murder in the Big House
Spy Ship
The Gay Sisters
Yankee Doodle Dandy
You Can't Escape Forever
1941 Here Comes Happiness
Highway West
Million Dollar Baby
The Great Lie
Those Good Old Days
Three Sons o' Guns
To je John Doe
1940 Always a Bride
An Angel from Texas
Flight Angels
Gambling On the High Seas
Money and the Woman
River's End
Torrid Zone
Tugboat Annie Sails Again
1939 Blackmail
Code of the Secret Service
Daughters Courageous
Each Dawn I Die
Kid Nightingale
Nancy Drew... Reporter
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter
Naughty But Nice
On Trial
Private Detective
Quiet, Please
Slapsie Maxie's
Smashing the Money Ring
The Man Who Dared
Torchy Blane in Chinatown
Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamite
1938 Broadway Musketeers
Comet Over Broadway
Daredevil Drivers
Four's a Crowd
Going Places
Gold Diggers in Paris
He Couldn't Say No
Hollywood Hotel
Hříšní andělé
Kid Comes Back, The
Little Miss Thoroughbred
Love, Honor and Behave
Secrets of an Actress
Smashing the Rackets
Tassels in the Air
Torchy Blane in Panama
1937 Blazing Sixes
Broadway Melody of 1938
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
Fly Away Baby
Guns of the Pecos
Her Husband's Secretary
Marry the Girl
Men in Exile
Midnight Court
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
Penrod and Sam
Poznamenaná žena
Ready, Willing and Able
She Loved a Fireman
Stolen Holiday
Talent Scout
The Devil's Saddle Legion
The Go-Getter
The Great O'Malley
The Singing Marine
Thin Ice
1936 Bullets or Ballots
Cain and Mabel
Here Comes Carter
I Married a Doctor
Law in Her Hands, The
Road Gang
Romance in the Air
Satan Met a Lady
Stage Struck
The Captain's Kid
The Singing Kid
Times Square Playboy
Trailin' West
1935 A Night at the Ritz
All the King's Horses
Black Fury
Broadway Gondolier
Broadway Hostess
Don't Bet on Blondes
Dr. Socrates
Front Page Woman
Going Highbrow
Gold Diggers of 1935
In Caliente
Keystone Hotel
Let's Live Tonight
Noc v opeře
Personal Maid's Secret
Stars Over Broadway
The Case of the Curious Bride
The Case of the Lucky Legs
Traveling Saleslady
We're in the Money
1934 British Agent
Business Is a Pleasure
Detektiv Nick v New Yorku
Fashions of 1934
Fog Over Frisco
Fugitive Lovers
Gentlemen Are Born
Get Along Little Hubby
I Am a Thief
Jail Birds of Paradise
Kansas City Princess
Madame DuBarry
Midnight Alibi
One Night of Love
Rudá carevna
Sadie McKee
Search for Beauty
Secret of the Chateau
The Big Shakedown
The Cat and the Fiddle
The Firebird
The Man with Two Faces
The Personality Kid
Up and Down
Viva Villa!
1933 Broadway to Hollywood
Elmer, the Great
Grand Slam
Heroes for Sale
Křivdila mu
Meet the Baron
Midnight Club
My Woman
Neviditelný muž
Only Yesterday
Podsvětí ve fraku
She Had to Say Yes
Stage Mother
The Devil's in Love
The House on 56th Street
The Kennel Murder Case
The Keyhole
The King's Vacation
The Way to Love
The World Changes
Turn Back the Clock
Twin Screws
Vůz Jeho Veličenstva
Ďáblův bratr - Laurel a Hardy
1932 Arsène Lupin
Beauty and the Boss
It's Tough to Be Famous
Jewel Robbery
Lidé v hotelu
Once in a Lifetime
Rasputin the Mad Monk
The Beast of the City
The Man Who Played God
Two Against the World
1931 Anna Christie
Die Maske fällt
Her Majesty, Love
Hollywood Halfbacks
Le chanteur de Séville
Models and Wives
The Lone Starved Ranger
This Modern Age
1930 Along Came Youth
Call of the Flesh
Our Blushing Brides
Pair o' Dice, A
Polévka pro blázny
Roaring Ranch
The Florodora Girl
The Woman Racket
1929 Born to the Saddle
Campus Knights
Don't Be Nervous
Pop and Son
Smilin' Guns
1928 Breed of the Sunsets
How to Handle Women
Manhattan Knights
1927 A Bowery Cinderella
Anything Once!
Ladybird, The
McFadden's Flats
See You In Jail
The Girl from Gay Paree
The Slaver
1926 A Desperate Moment
Devil's Island
On the Front Page
The Beautiful Cheat
The Blonde Saint
The Far Cry
The Girl from Montmartre
The Lady of the Harem
The Truthful Sex
1925 American Pluck
An Enemy of Men
Ben Hur
Charleyova teta
Hříšná žena
One Year to Live
The Lady Who Lied
The Masked Bride
The Way of a Girl
Ztracený svět
1924 Carevna
Goldfish, The
Nová mládež
Stará šlechta
The Brass Bowl
The Woman on the Jury
When a Girl Loves
Wolves of the North
1923 In Search of a Thrill
On si léčí nervy
Rustle of Silk, The
Vanity Fair
1922 Beyond the Rocks
Blood and Sand
Fools First
1921 Her Sturdy Oak
Keeping Up with Lizzie
The Rage of Paris
1920 Blind Youth
Don't Park Here
Married to Order
Mrs. Temple's Telegram
Pals and Pugs
The Devil's Passkey
The Rookie's Return
You Never Can Tell
1919 Rolling Stone
The Hawk's Trail
1918 Bright and Early
Chaplinovy trampoty
Chase Me Charlie
Handy Man, The
His Day Out
Malá Amarilka z Prádelní uličky
Messenger, The
Orderly, The
Scholar, The
The Brazen Beauty
The Love Swindle
The Rogue
The Straight and Narrow
The Stranger
1917 Candy Kid, The
Chaplin strážcem veřejného pořádku
The Slave
1916 Chaplin hasičem
Chaplin obchodním příručím
Chaplin ve filmovém ateliéru
Charlie zlodějem
1915 All Stuck Up
Broncho Billy, Sheepman
Chaplin boxerem
Chaplin lodním kuchařem
Chaplin na námluvách
Chaplin se žení
Chaplin tulákem
Chaplin v kabaretu
Chaplin v parku
Off for a Boat Ride
Two Bold, Bad Men
1914 Battle of Love, The
Epidemic, The
Foot of Romance, A
Hour and the Man, The
Leading Lizzie Astray
Making Him Over -- For Minnie
One Wonderful Night
Servant Question, The
Sweedie the Trouble Maker
The Fable of Higher Education That Was Too High for the Old Man
The Fable of Napoleon and the Bumps
The Fable of the Busy Business Boy and the Droppers-In
The Laundress
The Wages of Sin
Three Boiled Down Fables
1913 Man Outside, The


1980 Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp (TV film) - a.z.

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1918 Chaplinovy trampoty

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