Ava Grace Cooper

  • nar. 2.3.2009 (11 let)


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2019 A Summer Romance (TV film)
Holiday Date (TV film)
2018 A Midnight Kiss (TV film)
Mingle All the Way (TV film)
The Miracle Season
2017 Falling for Vermont (TV film)
The Perfect Bride (TV film)
The Sweetest Christmas (TV film)
2016 A When Calls the Heart Christmas (TV film)
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TV seriály

2020 50 States of Fright (TV seriál)
The Golden Arm (Michigan) - Part 2 (S01E02)
When Calls the Heart (TV seriál)
New Possibilities (S07E09)
Into the Woods (S07E08)
Heart of a Writer (S07E07)
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Lovci duchů (TV seriál)
Despair (S15E18)
2019 When Calls the Heart (TV seriál)
Two of Hearts (S06E09)
A Call from the Past (S06E08)
Hope is with the Heart (S06E07)
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2018 iZombie (TV seriál)
Blue Bloody (S04E02)
When Calls the Heart (TV seriál)
The Greatest Christmas Blessing (S05E11)
Close to My Heart (S05E10)
In My Dreams (S05E09)
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2017 Z onoho světa (TV seriál)
The Man in the Yellow Jacket (S01E04)
Ties That Bind (S01E03)
Tempus Fugit (S01E02)
When Calls the Heart (TV seriál)
Heart of a Fighter (S04E10)
Heart of a Secret (S04E09)
Courageous Hearts (S04E08)
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2016 When Calls the Heart (TV seriál)
Prayers from the Heart (S03E09)
Hearts in Question (S03E08)
Heartbreak (S03E07)
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