Pat West

  • nar. 19.4.1888
    Paducah, Kentucky, USA
  • zem. 10.4.1944 (55 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1945 Incendiary Blonde
Road to Utopia
1944 And the Angels Sing
Gambler's Choice
Louisiana Hayride
Meet the People
Moon Over Las Vegas
National Barn Dance
Passport to Destiny
The Navy Way
1943 No Time for Love
Perutě pomsty
Presenting Lily Mars
Slightly Dangerous
Submarine Alert
Wagon Wheels West - a.z.
1942 Are Husbands Necessary?
I Live on Danger
Invisible Agent
Madame Spy
Revolver na prodej
Stand by for Action
Sunday Punch
Take a Letter, Darling
The Fleet's In
The Forest Rangers
1941 Birth of the Blues
Caught in the Draft
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime
Flying Blind
Gangsterská nevěsta
Johnny Eager
Las Vegas Nights
Meet the Chump
Nice Girl?
No Hands on the Clock
Pot o' Gold
Power Dive
Sullivanovy cesty
The Lady Eve
The Night of January 16th
Četař York
1940 Christmas in July
Golden Gloves
Hired Wife
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
I Want a Divorce
Jeho dívka Pátek
King of the Lumberjacks
La Conga Nights
Mocný McGinty
Moje nejmilejší žena
Slightly Tempted
The Bank Dick
The Farmer's Daughter
When the Daltons Rode
1939 Babes in Arms
Boy Trouble
Death of a Champion
Four Wives
Jen andělé mají křídla
King of Chinatown
Laugh It Off
Million Dollar Legs
Nancy Drew... Reporter
Persons in Hiding
Some Like It Hot
Television Spy
1938 Illegal Traffic
Kdybych byl králem
Leopardí žena
Prison Farm
Stíny v oblacích
Texaští střelci
Thanks for the Memory
The Law West of Tombstone
The Storm
Tip-Off Girls
Youth Takes a Fling
1937 A Family Affair
Big Business
Ever Since Eve
High, Wide, and Handsome
It Can't Last Forever
Married Before Breakfast
Missing Witnesses
The Perfect Specimen
True Confession
Turn Off the Moon
When You're in Love
Woman in Distress
1936 A Son Comes Home
Cain and Mabel
Ceiling Zero
Cesta ke slávě
Devil's Squadron
Děvče se špatnou pověstí
Easy to Take
Law in Her Hands, The
Missing Girls
Murder with Pictures
On the Wrong Trek
Sins of Man
Song of the Saddle
Three of a Kind
Valiant Is the Word for Carrie
Wolves of the Sea
1935 Broadway Hostess
Eight Bells
His Night Out
Page Miss Glory
Professional Soldier
Stars Over Broadway
The Affair of Susan
The Girl Friend
The Lone Wolf Returns
The Nitwits
1934 Maid in Hollywood
Men in Black
Red Morning
Roamin' Vandals
The Song of Fame
Undie-World, The
1933 Thundering Taxis
Wreckety Wrecks
1928 The Barker

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