Phillips Smalley

  • nar. 7.8.1875
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 2.5.1939 (63 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1939 I'm from Missouri
1938 Booloo
I Am the Law
Speed to Burn
Start Cheering
The Lady Objects
When G-Men Step In
1937 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
Hotel Haywire
Loď ztracených duší
Make Way for Tomorrow
Man of the People
Mountain Music
Second Honeymoon
1936 Dangerous Intrigue
Láska s 1000 HP
My American Wife
Svět valčíků
The Accusing Finger
The Country Doctor
The Crime of Dr. Forbes
The Preview Murder Mystery
Three Cheers for Love
Too Many Parents
Yours for the Asking
1935 A Feather in Her Hat
All the King's Horses
Hold 'Em Yale
It's in the Air
Let's Live Tonight
Love Me Forever
Noc v opeře
The Flame Within
The Glass Key
The Whole Town's Talking
Two for Tonight
1934 Behold My Wife!
Death Takes a Holiday
Double Door
Little Miss Marker
Madame DuBarry
Shoot the Works
The Big Race
The Quitter
Thirty Day Princess
You Can't Buy Everything
Žena v poutech
1933 Cocktail Hour
Golden Harvest
Made on Broadway
Midnight Mary
Murders in the Zoo
Secret Sinners
Stage Mother
The Woman Accused
The Women in His Life
Turn Back the Clock
1932 Escapade
Hell's Headquarters
Murder at Dawn
Sinister Hands
Sinners in the Sun
Slightly Married
State's Attorney
The Greeks Had a Word for Them
The Midnight Warning
The Thirteenth Guest
The Washington Masquerade
The Widow in Scarlet
1931 A Free Soul
High Stakes
Laugh and Get Rich
New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford
Sporting Blood
The Big Gamble
The Lady Who Dared
The Lady from Nowhere
The Lawless Woman
The Public Defender
The Woman Between
Up for Murder
1930 Charley's Aunt
Drumming It In
Midnight Special
Peacock Alley
1929 High Voltage
The Aviator
The Black Watch
The Fatal Warning
The Racketeer
True Heaven
1928 Blindfold
Broadway Daddies
Honeymoon Flats
Romance of the Underworld
Sinners in Love
The Border Patrol
1927 Man Crazy
Sensation Seekers
Stage Kisses
Tea for Three
The Broken Gate
The Irresistible Lover
Východ slunce
1926 Money Talks
Queen o'Diamonds
The Dice Woman
The Midnight Sun
There You Are!
1925 Awful Truth, The
Charleyova teta
Soul Mates
Stella Maris
The Fate of a Flirt
Wandering Footsteps
Wasted Lives
1924 Cheap Kisses
Daughters of Today
For Sale
Single Wives
1923 Cameo Kirby
Flaming Youth
Nobody's Bride
The Self-Made Wife
Trimmed in Scarlet
1922 The Power of a Lie
1921 Too Wise Wives
1917 Alone in the World
Boyhood He Forgot, The
Hand That Rocks the Cradle
1916 Behind the Veil
Female of the Species, The
Gilded Life, The
Idle Wives
1915 A Cigarette - That's All
Eyes That See Not
Sunshine Molly
1914 A Fool and His Money
A Modern Fairy Tale
An Episode
False Colors
In the Days of His Youth
Leper's Coat, The
Lost by a Hair
Merchant of Venice, The
Old Locket, An
On Suspicion
Peacemaker, The
The Coward Hater
The Pursuit of Hate
The Spider and Her Web
The Triumph of Mind
The Weaker Sister
1913 Clue, The
Genesis: 4-9
His Brand
His Sister
How Men Propose
James Lee's Wife
Just in Time
Shadows of Life
The Blood Brotherhood
The Call
The Haunted Bride
The Jew's Christmas
The Light Woman
The Mask
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Troubled Waters
Two Thieves and a Cross
Until Death
Wife's Deceit, The
1912 Beauty and the Beast
Faraway Fields
Leaves in the Storm
Never Again
The Greater Love
The Power of Thought
The Trifler
The Troubadour's Triumph
The Twins
1911 Lost Illusions
Saints and Sinners


1914 The Great Universal Mystery

Režijní filmografie


1919 Forbidden
When a Girl Loves
1918 Doctor and the Woman, The
For Husbands Only
1917 Alone in the World
Boyhood He Forgot, The
Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Price of a Good Time, The
The Double Standard
1916 Dance of Love, The
Dumb Girl of Portici, The
Flirt, The
Gilded Life, The
Idle Wives
John Needham's Double
The Eye of God
Wanted: A Home
Where Are My Children?
1915 A Cigarette - That's All
Betty in Search of a Thrill
Captain Courtesy
Sunshine Molly
The Caprices of Kitty
1914 A Fool and His Money
A Strange Bird
An Episode
Arabella's Romance
Baldy Belmont Breaks Out
Baldy Belmont Bumps
Baldy Belmont Picks a Peach
Baldy Belmont, Almost a Hero
Belmont Butts In
Dancing Craze, The
East Lynne in Bugville
Easy Money
False Colors
Father's Devotion, A
For a Woman
For the Love of Baldy
Getting Reuben Back
Girl in Pants, The
Going Some
Grateful Outcast, A
Hand of Providence, The
Her New Hat
It May Come to This
Lady Doctor, The
Leper's Coat, The
Lizzie and the Iceman
Lost by a Hair
Mashers, The
McSweeney's Masterpiece
Merchant of Venice, The
Oh! You Mummy
Oh! You Puppy
Old Locket, An
Pearl's Mistake
Ring, The
Si Puts One Over
Some Collectors
Sure Cure, A
Telephone Engagement, A
The Career of Waterloo Peterson
The Coward Hater
The Shadow of a Crime
The Spider and Her Web
Their Picnic
Traitor, The
Vivian's Four Beaus
Was He a Hero?
What Pearl's Pearls Did
Willie's Disguise
1913 A Bachelor's Finish
A Dip Into Society
A Joke on the Sheriff
A News Item
A Night at the Club
Accident Insurance
Almost a Winner
An Innocent Bridegroom
Awful Scare, An
Baldy Belmont Wanted a Wife
Baldy Belmont and the Old Maid
Baldy Belmont as a Roman Gladiator
Belmont Stung
Box and Cox
Broken Spell, The
Caught in the Act
Child's Influence, A
College Chums
Fake Gas-Man, The
Forgetful Flossie
Genesis: 4-9
Getting the Grip
Girl Reporter, The
Girls Will Be Boys
Greater Influence, The
Hearts Entangled
Her Kid Sister
Her Lady Friend
Heroic Harold
Hidden Love, A
His Aunt Emma
His Awful Daughter
His Last Gamble
His Romantic Wife
His Twin Brothers
Homlock Shermes
Hour of Terror, An
It's a Bear
It's a Shame to Take the Money
Knights and Ladies
Lost in the Night
Lovers Three
Ma and the Boys
Misplaced Love
Mrs. Sharp and Miss Flat
Much Ado About Nothing
Muchly Engaged
Night in Town, A
Oh! What a Swim
Oh! Whiskers!
Oh! You Scotch Lassie
One Wife Too Much
Our Parents-In-Law
Our Willie
Out of the Past
Paper Doll, The
Pearl and the Poet
Pearl and the Tramp
Pearl as a Clairvoyant
Pearl as a Detective
Pearl's Admirers
Pearl's Dilemma
Pleasing Her Husband
Rich Uncle, The
Robert's Lesson
Schultz's Lottery Ticket
Shadows of Life
Smuggled Laces, The
Some Luck
Squaring Things with Wifey
Starving for Love
Strictly Business
Supper for Three, A
That Crying Baby
That Other Girl
The False Alarm
The Hall-Room Girls
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Thumb Print
The Turkish Rug
True Chivalry
Two Lunatics
Until Death
Veiled Lady, The
What Papa Got
When Love Is Young
Where Charity Begins
Who Is in the Box?
Who Is the Goat?
Willie's Great Scheme
With Her Rival's Help
Woman and the Law, The
1912 Bella's Beaus
Blonde Lady, The
Her Dressmaker's Bills
Her Old Love
Her Visitor
His Wife's Stratagem
McGuirk, the Sleuth
Mind Cure, The
Mixed Bottles
Never Again
Pair of Fools, A
Tangled Marriage, A
The Chorus Girl
The Only Woman in Town
The Twins

Producentská filmografie


1916 Shoes

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