George Lessey

  • nar. 8.6.1879
    Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 3.6.1947 (67 let)
    Westbrook, Connecticut, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1946 One More Tomorrow
The Missing Lady
1945 Eadie Was a Lady
1944 Bride by Mistake
Buffalo Bill
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
Dobrodružství Marka Twaina
Dívka z titulní strany
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout
None Shall Escape
Roger Touhy, Gangster
Sweet and Low-Down
1943 Dixie Dugan
Mission to Moscow
Pistol Packin' Mama
Someone to Remember
The Crystal Ball
What a Woman!
1942 Born to Sing
Girl Trouble
Laugh Your Blues Away
Rings on Her Fingers
Roxie Hart
The Gay Sisters
The Postman Didn't Ring
Život je cesta
1941 Adventure in Washington
Blonde Inspiration
Coffins on Wheels
Forbidden Passage
Men of Boys Town
Moon Over Miami
Pošlapané květy
Sweetheart of the Campus
The Big Boss
Věčná Eva
We Go Fast
You Belong to Me
1940 Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case
Gallant Sons
Good Bad Boys
Jdi na Západ
Sky Murder
Soak the Old
Sporting Blood
Strike Up the Band
Tekuté zlato
The Golden Fleecing
1939 ...One Third of a Nation...
How to Eat
1938 The Miss They Missed
1937 Annapolis Salute
1925 Fool, The
Scar Hanan
White Thunder
1924 It Is the Law
1923 The Silent Command
1922 The Snitching Hour
1921 Divorce of Convenience, A
Handcuffs or Kisses
Is Life Worth Living?
School Days
Why Girls Leave Home
1920 Harvest Moon, The
The $1,000,000 Reward
1919 Twilight
1918 To Him That Hath
1917 Patria
1915 At the Banquet Table
1913 At Bear Track Gulch
It Is Never Too Late to Mend
Mountaineers, The
Sally's Romance
The Ambassador's Daughter
1912 A Romance of the Ice Fields
At the Masquerade Ball
Dam Builder, The
For Her
Fresh Air Romance, A
Governor, The
His Mother's Hope
Hope, a Red Cross Seal Story
How Washington Crossed the Delaware
Little Artist of the Market, The
Man in the Making, A
Martin Chuzzlewit
New Member of the Life Saving Crew, The
Nurse, The
Rowdy and His New Pal
Sketch with the Thumb Print, The
Soldier's Duty, A
Sunset Gun, The
The Bank President's Son
The Boss of Lumber Camp Number Four
The Corsican Brothers
The Guilty Party
The Harbinger of Peace
The Heir Apparent
The High Cost of Living
The Passer-By
Their Hero
Tony's Oath of Vengeance
Under False Colors
Western Prince Charming, A
Workman's Lesson, The
1911 Romeo and Juliet
The Declaration of Independence
1910 From Tyranny to Liberty


1940 Hollywood: Style Center of the World

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