Ray Turner

  • nar. 28.10.1895
    New Mexico, USA
  • zem. 18.8.1981 (85 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1966 Bat Men of Africa (TV film) - a.z.
1947 Bells of San Angelo
1946 A Tale of Two Cafes
Our Hearts Were Growing Up
1945 Duffy's Tavern
High Blood Pleasure
Incendiary Blonde
Jungle Queen
Rapsodie v modrém
1944 The Merry Monahans
1943 Na titulní stránce
1941 Yumpin' Yimminy!
1940 Blondie Has Servant Trouble
Grandpa Goes to Town
In Old Missouri
Junior G-Men
Little Orvie
Midnight Limited
South to Karanga
1939 Charlie McCarthy, Detective
Fast and Furious
Good Girls Go to Paris
Little Accident
Stunt Pilot
The Saint Strikes Back
Those High Grey Walls
Twelve Crowded Hours
1938 A Nag in the Bag
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Go Chase Yourself
Gun Packer
Hold That Kiss
Mars Attacks the World - a.z.
Men in Fright
The Main Event
The Nurse from Brooklyn
1937 A Dangerous Adventure
Blonde Trouble
From Bad to Worse
Grand Hooter, The
Murder Goes to College
She's Dangerous
The Frame-Up
Two Wise Maids
Under Cover of Night
Wings Over Honolulu
1936 A Tenderfoot Goes West
Darkest Africa
It Had to Happen
Lady Luck
Muss 'em Up
Pain in the Pullman, A
Satan Met a Lady
The Invisible Ray
Zajatec ostrova žraloků
1935 Alimony Aches
East of Java
Get That Man
Little Sinner
Mutiny Ahead
She Couldn't Take It
Speed Limited
The Lottery Lover
The Shadow of Silk Lennox
1934 Behold My Wife!
Call It Luck
Kočičí pracička
Mills of the Gods
Shrimps for a Day
Sleepers East
Strikes and Spares
The Meanest Gal in Town
The Silver Streak
You Said a Hatful!
1933 King Kong
Ladies They Talk About
Out All Night
1932 Central Park
Night World
Union Depot
1930 Big Boy
Cheer Up and Smile
1929 Detectives Wanted
Little Johnny Jones
Look Out Below
Night Parade
Side Street
Synthetic Sin
Weary River
Young Nowheres
1928 Kit Carson
Leaping Luck
Naughty Baby
Thief in the Dark
1927 Red Hot Bullets
Riding to Fame
Roaring Fires
Speeding Hoofs
The Love Mart
The Patent Leather Kid
1926 Sir Lumberjack
The College Boob
The Traffic Cop
1925 Heads Up
Smilin' at Trouble
Speed Wild
1924 The No-Gun Man

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