Nick Cogley

  • nar. 4.5.1869
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 20.5.1936 (67 let)
    Santa Monica, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1934 Whom the Gods Destroy
1933 Cross Fire
Son of the Border
1930 Ranch House Blues
1929 Innocents of Paris
1928 Abie's Irish Rose
1927 Hey! Hey! Cowboy
In Old Kentucky
The Heart of Maryland
The Missing Link
1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln
1923 Crinoline and Romance
1922 Cold Feet
Marriage Chance, The
One Clear Call
Restless Souls
1921 An Unwilling Hero
Beating the Game
Edgar's Country Cousin
Edgar's Feast Day
Edgar, the Detective
The Old Nest
1920 Edgar Camps Out
Edgar Takes the Cake
Edgar and the Teacher's Pet
Edgar's Hamlet
Edgar's Jonah Day
Edgar's Little Saw
Edgar's Sunday Courtship
Guile of Women
Honest Hutch
Jes' Call Me Jim
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
1919 Between the Acts
Sis Hopkins
Toby's Bow
1918 Inside the Lines
Madam Who
Maid o' the Storm
1917 A Self-Made Hero
Berth Scandal, A
Her Circus Knight
His Busy Day
Oriental Love
1916 A Dash of Courage
A Movie Star
A la Cabaret
Dollars and Sense
Hearts and Sparks
Her Marble Heart
His Auto Ruination
His Bread and Butter
His Last Laugh
His Lying Heart
His Wild Oats
1915 Fatty and the Broadway Stars
Saved by the Wireless
The Coward
1914 Chaplin honí dolary
Chaplin sklepníkem
Chaplin šťastným otcem
Hello, Mabel
Won in a Closet
1913 A Chip Off the Old Block
A Dollar Did It
A Fishy Affair
A Strong Revenge
A Wife Wanted
Algy on the Force
Bandit, A
Bangville Police
Battle of Who Run, The
Chief's Predicament, The
Cohen Saves the Flag
Elite Ball, The
Fatty at San Diego
Firebugs, The
For Lizzie's Sake
Forced Bravery
Get Rich Quick
Gypsy Queen, The
Heinze's Resurrection
Help! Help! Hydrophobia!
Hide and Seek
His Chum the Baron
Janitor, The
Love Sickness at Sea
Love and Pain
Mabel's Heroes
Mother's Boy
Murphy's I.O.U.
Nebezpečná ulice
Noise from the Deep, A
On His Wedding Day
Passions, He Had Three
Paymaster's Son, The
Peeping Pete
Rastus and the Game Cock
Rube and the Baron, The
Speed Queen, The
That Ragtime Band
The Man Next Door
The New Baby
The Riot
The Rural Third Degree
The Stolen Purse
The Woman Haters
Their First Execution
Toplitsky and Company
Two Old Tars
Waiters' Picnic, The
Zuzu, the Band Leader
1912 Ace of Spades, The
Brains and Brawn
Captain of the 'Nancy Lee', The
Child of the Wilderness, A
Hobo, The
Monte Cristo
On Secret Service
Peacemaker, The
Pedro's Dilemma
The End of the Romance
The Lost Hat
The Ones Who Suffer
The Sergeant's Boy
The Shrinking Rawhide
The Test
1911 A Diamond in the Rough
Captain Brand's Wife
Convert of San Clemente, The
Modern Rip, A
New Faith, The
Old Billy
On Separate Paths
Slick's Romance
Stability vs. Nobility
The New Superintendent
The Profligate
Their Only Son
1910 A Tale of the Sea
Sanitarium, The
1909 Mrs. Jones' Birthday

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