Jack 'Tiny' Lipson

  • nar. 17.1.1901
    Denver, Colorado, USA
  • zem. 28.11.1947 (46 let)
    Madera Country, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1966 Spaceship to the Unknown (TV film) - a.z.
1954 Two April Fools - a.z.
1948 Luxury Liner
Summer Holiday
The Bride Goes Wild
Three Daring Daughters
1946 Bringing Up Father
Two Sisters from Boston
1945 A Miner Affair
1944 Kismet
Lost in a Harem
Neznámí lidé
Open Season for Saps
Radio Bugs
1943 A Blitz on the Fritz
Back from the Front
Garden of Eatin'
I Dood It
1942 I Married an Angel
Wild Bill Hickok Rides
1941 Babes on Broadway
Federal Fugitives
Half Shot at Sunrise
I'll Never Heil Again
Lidská síla
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
The Chocolate Soldier
Wedding Worries
1940 Boobs in the Woods
His Bridal Fright
His Ex Marks the Spot
Murder Over New York
Pardon My Berth Marks
Rocky Mountain Rangers
1939 Code of the Cactus - a.z.
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
Outlaws' Paradise
Straight Shooter - a.z.
1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars - a.z.
Professor Beware
Six-Gun Trail
Sue My Lawyer
1937 Brothers of the West
Dizzy Doctors
Flying Fists
New News
Night at the Movies, A
One Man Justice
Playing the Ponies
1936 A Face in the Fog
Am I Having Fun!
Flash Gordon
Midnight Blunders
Mister Smarty
Oh, Duchess!
Slippery Silks
The Lucky Corner
Unrelated Relations
1935 Beginner's Luck
Hoi Polloi
I Don't Remember
Keystone Hotel
Noc v opeře
The Drunkard
Three Little Beers
1934 King Kelly of the U.S.A.
Laurel a Hardy - Pochod dřevěných vojáků
Manhattan Melodrama
One-Horse Farmers
Pestrý závoj
Punch Drunks
Tailspin Tommy
The Live Ghost
The Show-Off
Three Little Pigskins
1933 Hello Pop!
1932 Human Targets
Over the Counter
The Fighting Gentleman
Up Popped the Ghost
1931 No Privacy
1930 Big Hearted
Dames Ahoy
Two Fresh Eggs
1929 A Close Shave
One Hysterical Night
Served Hot
Skinner Steps Out
Take Your Pick
1928 Eyes Have It, The
Once Over
You'll Be Sorry
1927 Double Trouble
The Stunt Man


TV pořady

1968 The Dick Cavett Show (TV pořad)

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