Robert E. Cline

  • nar. 12.7.1895
    Roosevelt, Arizona, USA
  • zem. 30.11.1946 (51 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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Kameramanská filmografie


1947 Buffalo Bill Rides Again
Law of the Lash
Range Beyond the Blue
Wild Country
1946 Prairie Badmen
Thunder Town
1945 Flaming Bullets
Frontier Fugitives
Secrets of a Sorority Girl
Three in the Saddle
White Gorilla, The
1944 Dead or Alive
Frontier Outlaws
Gangsters of the Frontier
I Accuse My Parents
Men on Her Mind
Oath of Vengeance
Seven Doors to Death
Shake Hands with Murder
Spook Town
The Contender
The Drifter
The Monster Maker
Thundering Gun Slingers
1943 Bad Men of Thunder Gap
Blazing Frontier
Boss of Rawhide
Cattle Stampede
Confessions of a Vice Baron
Death Rides the Plains
Devil Riders
Haunted Ranch
Law of the Saddle
My Son, the Hero
Raiders of Red Gap
The Black Raven
The Ghost and the Guest
The Return of the Rangers
Two Fisted Justice
Underdog, The
Western Cyclone
Wolves of the Range
1942 Arizona Stage Coach
Bombs Over Burma
Boot Hill Bandits
House of Errors
Prisoner of Japan
Rock River Renegades
Secrets of a Co-Ed
Texas Trouble Shooters
Texas to Bataan
The Rangers Take Over
Thunder River Feud
Trail Riders
War Dogs
Where Trails End
1941 Another to Conquer
Fugitive Valley
Lone Star Law Men
Lucky Ghost
Saddle Mountain Roundup
The Kid's Last Ride
Tonto Basin Outlaws
Trail of the Silver Spurs
Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona
Underground Rustlers
Wrangler's Roost
1940 Am I Guilty?
Boys of the City
Pride of the Bowery
That Gang of Mine
1938 Desert Patrol
Durango Valley Raiders
Gang Smashers
Land of Fighting Men
Life Goes On
Paroled - To Die
Songs and Saddles
Spirit of Youth
The Duke Is Tops
The Feud Maker
Thunder in the Desert
1937 Arizona Gunfighter
Colorado Kid
Heroes of the Alamo
Melody of the Plains
Moonlight on the Range
Ridin' the Lone Trail
Smashing the Vice Trust
1936 Aces Wild
Desert Justice
Ghost Town
Gun Grit
Hair-Trigger Casey
Idaho Kid
Law and Lead
Men of the Plains
Romance Rides the Range
Stormy Trails
The Lion Man
West of Nevada
Wildcat Saunders
1935 Adventurous Knights
Fighting Pioneers
Last of the Clintons
Lawless Border
Roaring Roads
Rustler's Paradise
The Law Of The 45's
The Shadow of Silk Lennox
Toll of the Desert
Wagon Trail
Wild Mustang
Wild Waters
1934 Crack-Up
The Tonto Kid
1933 Corruption
The Woman Who Dared
West of Singapore
1932 The Face on the Barroom Floor
1930 She's a He
1929 Thundering Thompson
1928 Dugan of the Dugouts
Hearts of Men
Obey Your Husband
Painted Trail
Queen of the Chorus
Top Sergeant Mulligan
Trail Riders
Trailin' Back
1927 Duty's Reward
Riding to Fame
1926 Crossed Signals

Herecká filmografie


1925 Border Intrigue

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