David Aylott

David Aylott

nar. 07.02.1885
London, Anglie, Velká Británie

zem. 31.10.1969 (84 let)
Hertfordshire, Anglie, Velká Británie



The River of Light


Gamblers All


It's Never Too Late to Mend


The Man Who Made Good


A Shattered Idyll


A Soldier and a Man


Two Lancashire Lasses in London


Mike Murphy's Marathon


The Crimson Triangle




For East Is East


The Safe


A Curtain Lecture


All by Yourself in the Moonlight


An Old Time Music Hall


At Santa Barbara


Bananas Are Coming Back Again






Can't Help Loving Dat Man






Cohen Forms a New Company


Cohen on the Telephone


Dada Dada


Does She Do-Do-Do


Don't Have Any More, Mrs. Moore


Ee by Gum


Electrocord Films


Ever Bravest Heart




Get Out and Get Under the Moon


Getting a Motor


Good Little Boy and the Bad Little Boy


Green Tie on the Little Yellow Dog


Happy Days and Lonely Nights


He Loves and She Loves


Hinton, Dinton and Mere






I Can't Give You Anything But Love


I Lift Up My Finger and I Say Tweet Tweet


I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen


I'm Eighty in the Morning


I've Always Wanted to Call You My Sweetheart


If I Didn't Miss You


In Cellar Cool


In That Village Down That Valley Up the Hill


In the Wood Shed She Said She Would


Is There Anything Wrong in That?


It All Depends on You


It Takes a Good Man to Do That


Joe Murgatroyd Says


Kate in the Call Box


Like the Big Pots Do


Maisie Lou


Mary's Mammy


Me and the Man in the Moon


Mighty Lak' a Rose


Mine All Mine


Misery Farm


More Please


My Austin Seven


My Blue Heaven


My Bonnie Hieland Maggie


My Ohio Home


My One and Only






O sole mio


Off to Philadelphia


Oh What a Happy Land


Oh You Have No Idea


Ole Man River


One Alone


One Fine Day


One Hundred Years from Now


One Kiss




Popular Jocular Dr. Brown


Popular Pieces


Rainbow Round My Shoulder


Rolling Along Having My Ups and Downs


Scented Soap


She's a Great Great Girl


So This Is Spring


So Tired


Somewhere a Voice Is Calling


Sonny Boy


Stay Out of the South


Sweethearts on Parade


Take a Look at Me


Tamiami Trail


That's My Weakness Now


That's What Put the Sweet in Home Sweet Home


The Admiral's Yarn


The Dancing Lesson


The Egg Song


The Gay Caballero


The Little White House




Tosti's Goodbye


Toy Town Artillery


Two Black Crows


Under the Bazumka Tree


Was It a Dream?


We're Living at the Cloisters


When the Light Shines Brightly in the Lighthouse


Why Does the Hyena Laugh?


Would a Manx Cat Wag Its Tail if it Had One?


You Along O'Me


You Went Away Too Far




Parkstone Comedies


His Uncle's Heir


The Walrus Gang


When the Heart Is Young


Bob Downe's Schooldays


Bobbikins and the Bathing Belles




Mike Backs the Winner


Mike and the Miser


Oh Auntie!


The Gay Deceivers


The Price He Paid


A Chip Off the Old Block


A Kweer Kuss


Awkward Anarchist




Coppers and Cutups


Diamond Cut Diamond


Discord in Three Flats


Fighting Selina


Her Fatal Hand


His Phantom Burglar


Jewels and Jimjams


Maloola from Paloona


Mike Alone in the Jungle


Mike and the Zeppelin Raid


Mike's Gold Mine


Podgy Porkins' Plot


Selina of the Weeklies




Slips and Slops


Surely You'll Insure


The Cakes of Khandipore


The Charm That Charmed


The Club of Pharos


The Jade Heart


The Kaiser's Present


The Second Lieutenant


Vengeance of the Air


When Clubs Were Clubs




A Box of Real Turkish


A Joke in Jerks


A Merry Night


An Eggs-traordinary Complaint


Biff! Bang!! Wallop!!!


Dreamy Jimmy Dreams Again


England's Call


Father's Fighting Fever


Held by a Child


I Should Say So!


Jollyboy's Dream


Lieutenant Geranium and the Stealed Orders


Love, Poetry and Paint


Mike Joins the Force


Mike Murphy V.C.


Mike Murphy as a Picture Actor


Mike Murphy's Dream of Love and Riches


Mike Murphy's Dream of the Wild West


Mike Murphy, Broker's Man


Mike Murphy, Mountaineer


Mike Wins the Championship


Not Likely!




Sha(w)ly Not?


Shocking Bad Form


Some Fish!


Telling the Tale


The Daughter of Garcia, Brigand


The Fighting Strain of Old England


The Gloves of Ptames


The Mat That Mattered


The New Boy


The Ring That Wasn't


The Scout's Motto


The Sorrows of Selina


The Strength That Failed


The Tricky Stick


Through the Ages


Thumbs Up!


To Save the King


War's Grim Reality


A Shocking Job




Belinda's Elopement


Billiken Revolts


Billy's Boxing Gloves


Furnishing Extraordinary


Landladies Beware


P.C. Platt's Promotion


Paul Sleuth Crime Investigator: The Burglary Syndicate


Poor Pa Pays


Professor Hoskin's Patent Hustler


Sold, a 'Bear' Fact


The Fairy Bottle


The Gentleman Ranker


The Misadventures of Mike Murphy


The Murder of Squire Jeffrey


The Mystic Mat


The Mystic Moonstone


The Warty Wooing


Tootles Buys a Gun


Two Brown Bags


Willie's Dream of Mick Squinter


Wily William's Washing


A Shock-ing Complaint


A Son of Mars




Billy Bungler the Silent Burglar


Broken Faith


Captain Cuff's Neighbours


Captain Dandy, Bushranger




Charley Smiler Catches a Tartar


Charlie Smiler Asks Papa


Charlie Smiler at the Picnic


Charlie Smiler's Love Affair


Henpeck's Double


Honour Among Thieves


How Smiler Raised the Wind


Lieutenant Daring Avenges an Insult to the Union Jack


Lieutenant Daring and the Ship's Mascot


Much Ado About -!!


Muggins VC: The Defence of Khuma Hospital, India


Paul Sleuth: The Mystery of the Astorian Crown Prince


Private Hector, Gentleman


Sandy's New Kilt


The Miner's Mascot


The Mystic Ring


The Spy Mania


The Wooing of Widow Wilkins


Uncle's Present


What's the Joke


When Father Fetched the Doctor


When It Comes Off


Woman's Privilege in Leap Year


A Soldier's Sweetheart


Auntie's Parrot


Bertie's Bid for Bliss


Billy's Bible


Charley Smiler Competes in a Cycle Race


Charley Smiler Is Robbed


Charley Smiler Joins the Boy Scouts


Charley Smiler Takes Brain Food


Charley Smiler Takes Up Ju-Jitsu


Comrades; or, Two Lads and a Lass


Good News for Jones


Lieutenant Daring R.N. and the Secret Service Agents


Men Were Deceivers Ever


Run to Earth by Boy Scouts


Scroggins Gets the Socialist Craze


Scroggins Takes the Census


Scroggins and the Fly Pest (


Scroggins and the Waltz Dream


She Would Talk


Spring Cleaning in the House of Scroggins


Spy Fever


That Terrible Pest


The Adventures of Lieutenant Daring R.N.: In a South American Port


The King's Pardon


The Limit Fire Brigade


The Pirates of 1920


The Poison Label


The Typist's Revenge


Well Done Scouts!


'Twixt Red Man and White


A Bolt from the Blue


A Modern George Washington


A Race for a Bride


A Rare Specimen


A Thrilling Story


As Prescribed by a Doctor


At the Mercy of the Tide


Bunker's Patent Bellows


Erratic Power


From Gipsy Hands


How Scroggins Found the Comet


Mistaken Identity


Mr. Tubby's Triumph


Prison Reform


The Devoted Ape


The Gamekeeper's Daughter


The Hindoo's Treachery


The Last of the Dandy


The Marriage of Muggins VC and a Further Exploit


Vice Versa


What Happened to Brown


A Dash for Help


And Then He Woke Up


Boy and the Convict., The


Copping the Coppers




For Her Sake




Hypnotic Suggestion


Muggins, V.C.


Scouts to the Rescue


Scratch as Scratch Can


Sorry, Can't Stop


Squaring the Account


The Wanderer's Return; or, Many Years After


The Young Redskins


Two Naughty Boys


Unwelcome Chaperone


Was It a Serpent's Bite?


What the Angler Caught


A Dash for Liberty


Billie's Bugle


Dick the Kisser


For His Child's Sake


Jessica's First Prayer


My Son the Curate


Only a Dart


Paddy's Way of Doing It


Put Me Among the Girls


The Dog's Devotion


The Invisible Button


The Office Boy's Dream


The Pirate Ship


The Skirl of the Pibroch


Tricky Convict; or, The Magic Cap


Wanted: A Nice Young Man


Sunday's Dinner


The Giddy Goats


Under the Mistletoe


Madam's Tantrums


The Bobby and the Bob


The Little Conjurer


The Mad Dog


The Pirates of Regent Canal


The Sunday School Treat


Three Halfpenny Worth of Leeks





What's My Line?

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