Debbie Rochon

  • nar. 3.11.1968 (50 let)
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
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Herecká filmografie


2019 Mangled, The
Project Pangea: Dinosaurs Unleashed!
The Gathering
2018 Alterscape
Death House
Terror Toons 4
2017 Cool As Hell 2
The Last Revenants
2016 Dead End
Model Hunger
Nebezpečná záměna (TV film)
She Wolf Rising
2015 Axe to Grind
Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween
Hell Town
Killer Rack
Nightmare Box
Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion
Terror Toons 3
The Hospital 2
The Ungovernable Force
2014 Catch of the Day
Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head
Legend of Six Fingers, The
Lumber vs. Jack
Serial Kaller
Varsity Blood
2013 Alone
Bikini Bloodbath Shakespeare
Billy's Cult
Dry Bones
Ember Days
Gallery of Fear
Mutantz, Nazis and Zombies
Návrat do atomového gymnázia, část 1
Vlkodlak: zabijácký virus (TV film)
Wrath of the Crows
2012 Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas
His First A
I Spill Your Guts
Nothing Sacred
Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast
Sick Boy
Solid State
Tales of Poe
Teenape Vs. The Monster Nazi Apocalypse
2011 Beg
Fairview Falls
Frankie in Blunderland
Hack Job
The Theatre Bizarre
2010 As Night Falls
Chainsaw Sally Show, The
Dead End
For Christ's Sake
Psychic Experiment
Ripped Memories
Satan Hates You
Slime City Massacre
Underground Entertainment: The Movie
Voodoo Cowboys
2009 Bikini Bloodbath Christmas
Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation
Game Over
Nun of That
The Good Sisters
Won Ton Baby!
2008 Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash
Chainsaw Cheerleaders
Colour from the Dark
Coup de Grace
November Son
Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut
2007 All Wrapped Up
Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Feast of Flesh, A
Meat Weed America
Screening, The
Skin Crawl
Splatter Disco
2006 Bikini Bloodbath
Die and Let Live
Hoodoo for Voodoo
Mulberry Street
Noc drůbežích mrtvol
Skeleton Key
2005 Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen
Blood Relic
Heather and Puggly Drop a Deuce
Mulva 2: Kill Teen Ape!
Nowhere Man
Red Lips: Eat the Living
2004 Dead Clowns
Fort Doom
Lord of the Undead
PDA Massacre
Tales from the Crapper
2003 Bog Creatures, The
Corpses Are Forever
Deadly Stingers
Doggie Tails, Vol. 1: Lucky's First Sleep-Over
Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots
Final Examination
Parts of the Family
Severe Injuries
2002 American Nightmare
Dead & Rotting
Erotic Mirror, The
Erotic Time Machine, The
Filthy McNasty
Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil
Klub vrahů
Playmate opic
Time Enough: The Alien Conspiracy
Underdogs, The
We're Coming to Help
Who Wants to Be an Erotic Billionaire?
2001 Anal Paprika 3: Manage-A-Death
Beyond the Lost World: The Alien Conspiracy III
Erotic Survivor
Eroticus, statečný gladiátor
Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!
Purgatory Blues
Resurrection Game, The
Scrotal Vengeance
Witchbabe: The Erotic Witch Project 3
Witchouse 3: Demon Fire
2000 Cremains
Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader
Hellblock 13
Mistress Frankenstein
Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre
Toxický mstitel 4: Masakr ve městě
1999 Rage of the Werewolf
Terror Firmer
1998 Airboss II: Preemptive Strike
Vampire's Seduction, The
1996 Alien Agenda: Endangered Species
Draculina Video Magazine
Evil Ambitions
Red Lips II
Santa Claws
Theater Dark Video Magazine (TV film)
Tromeo a Julie
1995 Broadcast Bombshells
Fantasies Vol. 1
Lusty Busty Fantasies
Smrtící systém
1994 Abducted II: The Reunion
1993 Troma System, The
1992 Do You Like Women?
1991 Lonely in America
1989 Banned
Cleo a Leo
Party Girls
1988 Lurkers
Polibek upíra
1983 Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The (TV film)
1982 Dámy a pánové, punk žije!
1968 Noc oživlých mrtvol

TV seriály

2012 In Fear Of (TV seriál)
2006 Usvědčeni (TV seriál)
2005 Moonlight Cafe (TV seriál)
2000 Troma's Edge TV (TV seriál)
1997 Tromaville Cafe, The (TV seriál)
1994 New York Undercover (TV seriál)
Troma Theater (TV seriál)


2017 Greetings from Tromaville
2016 VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media
2015 42nd Street Memories: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street
Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini
The Life of Death
2014 Scream Queens: Horror Heroines Exposed
2010 Under the Scares
2009 Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror (TV film)
2007 Being Michael Madsen
2006 Debbie Rochon Confidential: My Years in Tromaville Exposed!
Vampira: The Movie
2005 Make Your Own Damn Movie!
2003 Something to Scream About
1996 Scream Queens' Naked Christmas

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2016 Model Hunger

TV seriály

2012 In Fear Of (TV seriál)

Scenáristická filmografie

TV seriály

2012 In Fear Of (TV seriál)
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