Max Davidson

  • nar. 23.5.1875
    Berlin, Berlin, Německá říše
  • zem. 4.9.1950 (75 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1965 Laurel a Hardy - a.z.
1945 Dobrodružství
1943 Clancy Street Boys
I katové umírají!
1942 Karibští piráti
1940 Diktátor
I Take This Woman
Slečna Kitty
The Mortal Storm
1939 Great Commandment, The
Union Pacific
1937 Exclusive
Man of the People
The Girl Said No
1936 Kelly the Second
Roamin' Wild
Rogue of the Range
Velký Bill
1935 Law Beyond the Range
Princess O'Hara
Southern Exposure
The Farmer Takes a Wife
1934 Apples to You!
Straight Is the Way
The Gay Bride
1933 Hokus Focus
Lawyer Man
The Cohens and Kellys in Trouble
The Trail of Vince Barnett
The World Gone Mad
Thru Thin and Thicket, or Who's Zoo in Africa
1932 Alias the Doctor
Daring Danger
Docks of San Francisco
The Engineer's Daughter; or, Iron Minnie's Revenge
The Heart of New York
The Wet Parade
1931 A Woman of Experience
Blondes Prefer Bonds
Itching Hour, The
Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
One of the Smiths
Women of All Nations
1930 Fall to Arms, A
The Lottery Bride
The Shrimp
1929 Going Ga-ga
Great Gobs
Hurdy Gurdy
Moan & Groan, Inc.
So This Is College
1928 All Parts
Came the Dawn
Do Gentlemen Snore?
Dumb Daddies
Feed 'em and Weep
Pass the Gravy
Should Women Drive?
Tell It to the Judge
That Night
The Boy Friend
1927 Anything Once!
Call of the Cuckoo
Don't Tell Everything
Fighting Fathers
Flaming Fathers
Hotel Imperial
Jewish Prudence
Life in Hollywood No. 3
Má nejlepší dívenka
Pleasure Before Business
Should Second Husbands Come First?
What Every Iceman Knows
Why Girls Say No
1926 Don Key (A Son of Burro)
Get 'Em Young
Into Her Kingdom
Kitty from Killarney
Long Fliv the King
Raggedy Rose
Sunshine of Paradise Alley
The Johnstown Flood
1925 Hogan's Alley
Justice of the Far North
Old Clothes
The Rag Man
1924 Hold Your Breath
Untamed Youth
Záhada pod zemí
1923 Ghost Patrol, The
Miláček New Yorku
Rob 'em Good
Scars of Jealousy
The Extra Girl
The Rendezvous
1922 Glad Rags
Right That Failed, The
Second Hand Rose
Turn to the Right
1921 No Woman Knows
1919 The Hoodlum
1918 Hun Within, The
1917 A Daughter of the Poor
Damaged, No Goods
Mother Love and the Law
1916 Puppets
Sunshine Dad
The Heiress at Coffee Dan's
1915 Beppo, the Barber
Chase by Moonlight, A
Cupid and the Pest
Deacon's Whiskers, The
Don Quixote
Ethel's New Dress
Faithful to the Finish
Fatal Finger Prints, The
Music Hath Charms
Over and Back
Safety First
1914 A Corner in Hats
After Her Dough
Bill Organizes a Union
Bill and Ethel at the Ball
Dizzy Joe's Career
Ethel Has a Steady
Ethel's Roof Party
Hubby to the Rescue
Leave It to Smiley
Mr. Hadley's Uncle
Nell's Eugenic Wedding
The Last Drink of Whiskey
1913 Scenting a Terrible Crime
1912 Narrow Road, The
The Transformation of Mike

TV seriály

1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál) - a.z.

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