Hector V. Sarno

  • nar. 24.4.1880
    Naples, Itálie
  • zem. 16.12.1953 (73 let)
    Pasadena, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1950 Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1947 Escape Me Never
Night Song
The Egg and I
They Won't Believe Me
1946 I've Always Loved You
Plášť a dýka
The Catman of Paris
1945 Dakota
Flame of Barbary Coast
Saratoga Trunk
Zvon pro Adano
1944 Casanova Brown
Cry of the Werewolf
In Our Time
The Mummy's Curse
1943 Assignment in Brittany
Na titulní stránce
The Cross of Lorraine
1942 Crossroads
The Big Street
1941 Accent on Love
Federal Fugitives
H. M. Pulham, Esq.
Ride on Vaquero
Tak končí naše noc
1940 Charter Pilot
Drums of Fu Manchu
East of the River
North West Mounted Police
Pier 13
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Zorro mstitel
1939 Balalaika
Bouřlivá dvacátá léta
Each Dawn I Die
Zvoník od Matky Boží
1938 Flight Into Nowhere
Professor Beware
1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town
Její milionář
Live, Love and Learn
Man of the People
Rekrut Willie Winkie
When You're in Love
Zorro vítězí
1936 A Woman Rebels
Cesta ke slávě
Fatal Lady
Human Cargo
Ladies in Love
Muss 'em Up
Pod dvojí vlajkou
Two in the Dark
1935 Car 99
Enchanted April
The Case of the Curious Bride
The Gay Deception
Under the Pampas Moon
Woman Wanted
Útěk z Ďábelských ostrovů
1934 All Men Are Enemies
Bachelor of Arts
Death Takes a Holiday
Death on the Diamond
Have a Heart
I'll Fix It
Lady by Choice
Veselá vdova
Viva Villa!
1933 Gallant Lady
Going Hollywood
Her Bodyguard
Man's Castle
The Barbarian
The Mayor of Hell
1932 Arsène Lupin
Dance Team
High Pressure
Kapitán Žralok
Pride of the Legion
The Beast of the City
The Mouthpiece
The Wet Parade
Útěk z ráje
1931 Smart Money
The Guilty Generation
The Ruling Voice
The Secret Six
1930 A Lady to Love
Die Sehnsucht jeder Frau
Hearts and Hoofs
Men Without Law
The Cuckoos
The Oklahoma Cyclone
Women Everywhere
1929 Laughing at Death
Lucky Star
Red Hot Speed
Sunnyside Up
The Great Divide
Why Be Good?
1928 Anděl ulice
The Noose
1927 Chicago
Král králů
The Climbers
1926 Her Sacrifice
The Girl from Montmartre
Žena upír
1925 As Man Desires
1924 Great Diamond Mystery
Honor Among Men
The Hooded Falcon
The Sea Hawk
1923 Ashes of Vengeance
Stepping Fast
The Girl of the Golden West
The Song of Love
1922 Do and Dare
Tom Mix in Arabia
While Justice Waits
Wise Kid, The
1921 Cheated Hearts
Diamonds Adrift
The Conflict
The Rough Diamond
1920 Rio Grande
Roman Candles
The County Fair
The Silver Horde
1919 For a Woman's Honor
Forfeit, The
Gray Wolf's Ghost, The
The Crimson Gardenia
The Island of Intrigue
The Right to Happiness
1918 Go West, Young Man
Heart of the Sunset
Little Sister of Everybody, A
1917 Cleopatra
Madame Du Barry
Some Boy
The Island of Desire
The Rose of Blood
This Is the Life
1916 Any Youth
Old King Coal
The Black Sheep of the Family
1915 At the Road's End
Behind the Mask
East Lynne
Her Renunciation
Père Goriot
Sheriff's Trap, The
1914 And She Never Knew
Man's Enemy
Martin Chuzzlewit
The Deacon's Son
The Power of the Press
The Woman in Black
Under the Gaslight
Who's Looney Now?
1913 Chieftain's Sons, The
Detective's Stratagem, The
Law and His Son, The
Mistake, The
Pirate Gold
Stolen Bride, The
1912 Blind Love
My Hero
The Chief's Blanket

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