J. Warren Kerrigan

  • nar. 25.7.1879
    Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • zem. 9.6.1947 (67 let)
    Balboa Beach, California, USA


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1924 Captain Blood
Hello, 'Frisco
1923 Hollywood
Krytý vůz
Man's Man, A
Mary of the Movies
The Girl of the Golden West
The Man from Brodney's
Tropická vášeň
1922 Night Life in Hollywood
1920 $30,000
Dream Cheater, The
Green Flame, The
House of Whispers, The
Live Sparks
Number 99
The Coast of Opportunity
1919 Best Man, The
Come Again Smith
Joyous Liar, The
Lord Loves the Irish, The
The Drifters
The End of the Game
White Man's Chance, A
1918 Burglar for a Night, A
Man's Man, A
One Dollar Bid
Prisoners of the Pines
The Turn of a Card
Three X Gordon
1917 Double Revenge
Hands in the Dark
Nature's Calling
The Old Sheriff
1916 A Son of the Immortals
Code of the Mounted, The
Doctor's Decision, The
Langdon's Legacy
Melody of Love, The
Son o' the Stars
The Beckoning Trail
The Gay Lord Waring
The Measure of a Man
The Pool of Flame
The Silent Battle
The Social Buccaneer
Torment, The
1915 A Bogus Bandit
A Captain of Villainy
For Cash
Girl of the Night, The
Guardian of the Flocks, The
Kentucky Idyll, A
Life at Stake, A
Oyster Dredger, The
Payment Received
Shriek in the Night, The
Smouldering Fires
The Guardian of the Flock
The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke
The Palace of Dust
The Road to Paradise
The Stool Pigeon
The Storm
When a Queen Loved O'Rourke
Widow's Secret, The
1914 A Gentleman from Kentucky
A Man and His Brother
A Twentieth Century Pirate
As Fate Willed
At Mexico's Mercy
Hearts and Flowers
His Father's Son
His Heart His Hand and His Sword
Kentucky Gentleman, A
Little Meg and I
Out of the Valley
Scooped by Cupid
Sealed Orders
The Acid Test
The Balance
The Bolted Door
The Call Back
The Empire of Illusion
The Inn of the Winged Gods
The King and the Man
The Lion
The Magic Skin
The Man Between
The Man Who Lied
The Man from Nowhere
The Proof of a Man
The Sandhill Lovers
The Sheep Herder
There Is a Destiny
Toilers of the Sea
Value Received
Weights and Measures
1913 A Husband's Mistake
A Pitfall of the Installment Plan
A Tale of Death Valley
A Tide in the Affairs of Men
Angel of the Canyons
Ashes of Three
At the Half-Breed's Mercy
Back to Life
Calamity Anne's Beauty
Calamity Anne's Inheritance
Calamity Anne's Parcel Post
Calamity Anne's Trust
Calamity Anne, Detective
Calamity Anne, Heroine
Cupid Never Ages
Cupid Throws a Brick
For the Crown
For the Flag
Her Big Story
Hidden Treasure Ranch
High and Low
In Another's Nest
In the Days of Trajan
Jack Meets His Waterloo
Jocular Winds
Oil on Troubled Waters
Rory o' the Bogs
The Adventures of Jacques
The Badge of Honor
The Barrier of Bars
The Dread Inheritance
The Field Foreman
The Girl and the Greaser
The Great Harmony
The Passerby
The Restless Spirit
The Road to Ruin
The Scapegoat
The Tale of the Ticker
The Wishing Seat
Their Masterpiece
Tom Blake's Redemption
Travelers of the Road
Truth in the Wilderness
When Chemistry Counted
Woman's Honor
1912 After School
Agitator, The
An Assisted Elopement
Animal Within, The
Blackened Hills, The
Brand, The
Cupid Through Padlocks
For the Good of Her Men
From the Four Hundred to the Herd
Geronimo's Last Raid
Green-Eyed Monster, The
Heart of a Soldier, The
Her Mountain Home
Her Own Country
It Pays to Wait
Love and Lemons
Maiden and Men
Man's Calling
Nell of the Pampas
One, Two, Three
Reformation of Sierra Smith, The
Stranger at Coyote, The
The Best Man Wins
The Evil Inheritance
The Fear
The Haters
The Intrusion at Lompoc
The Law of God
The Loneliness of Neglect
The Maid and the Man
The Power of Love
The Recognition
The Reward of Valor
The Thread of Life
The Vanishing Race
The Wordless Message
Thief's Wife, The
White Treachery
1911 $5000 Reward, Dead or Alive
A California Love Story
A Cowboy's Sacrifice
A Daughter of Liberty
A Pittsburgh Millionaire
A Trooper's Heart
A Western Dream
As in a Looking Glass
Bertie's Bandit
Bonita of El Cajon
Branding a Bad Man
Bud Nevins, Bad Man
Crazy Gulch
Law and Order on Bar L Ranch
Mrs. Gay Life's Visitors
Ranch Girl, The
Rattlesnakes and Gunpowder
Reddy's Redemption
Sheriff's Daughter, The
Sheriff's Sisters, The
The Angel of Paradise Ranch
The Boss of Lucky Ranch
The Broncho Buster's Bride
The Cattle Rustler's End
The Cattle Thief's Brand
The Claim Jumper
The Cowboy and the Outlaw
The Cowboy's Deliverance
The Cowboy's Ruse
The Duel of the Candles
The Eastern Cowboy
The Elopement on Double L Ranch
The Genius
The Harem Skirt
The Hermit's Gold
The Job and the Girl
The Land Thieves
The Last Notch
The Mexican
The Mother of the Ranch
The Opium Smuggler
The Poisoned Flume
The Ranch Tenor
The Ranchman's Nerve
The Ranchman's Vengeance
The Sage-Brush Phrenologist
The Sheepman's Daughter
The Sheriff's Captive
The Sky Pilot's Intemperance
The Stronger Man
The Three Shell Game
The Trail of the Eucalyptus
The Water War
The Way of the West
The Witch of the Range
The Yiddisher Cowboy
Three Million Dollars
1910 A Close Shave
A Darling Confusion
A Touching Affair
A Troublesome Parcel
An Advertisement Answered
Count That Counted, The
Curing a Masher
Her Husband's Deception
Romantic Redskins
Starlight's Devotion
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
The Hand of Uncle Sam
The Stolen Fortune
Tout's Remembrance, The
Voice from the Fireplace, A


1934 Movie Memories #2 - a.z.
1921 A Journey Through Filmland
1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 10
1914 The Great Universal Mystery

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