Harry Edwards

  • nar. 11.10.1887
    Calgary, Alberta, Kanada
  • zem. 26.5.1952 (64 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1946 Maid Trouble
The Blonde Stayed On
1945 Mayor's Husband, The
Snooper Service
Spook to Me
Wife Decoy
1944 Defective Detectives
Heather and Yon
His Hotel Sweet
His Tale Is Told
Strife of the Party
1943 Blonde and Groom
Garden of Eatin'
He Was Only Feudin'
Quack Service
Socks Appeal
Three Little Twirps
Two Saplings
Who's Hugh?
1942 Carry Harry
College Belles
Cooks and Crooks
Phoney Cronies
Piano Mooner
Sappy Birthday
Sappy Pappy
Wedded Blitz
1936 Brain Busters, The
1934 An Old Gypsy Custom
The Super Snooper
1933 Artist's Muddles
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts
Feeling Rosy
Frozen Assets
His Weak Moment
Hot Hoofs
Leave It to Dad
Loose Relations
Marriage Humor
Pop's Pal
1932 A Fool About Women
Boy Oh Boy!
Honeymoon Beach
Kid Glove Kisses
Robinson Crusoe and Son
Ship A Hooey!
Sunkissed Sweeties
1931 An Apple a Day
Bless the Ladies
First to Fight
Hello Napoleon
Hello Russia
Hotter Than Haiti
Howdy Mate
No Privacy
Peeking in Peking
Sargie's Playmate, The
Selling Shorts
1930 Cleaning Up
Go to Blazes
Ooh La-La
Up and Down Stairs
1929 A Close Shave
Calling Hubby's Bluff
Clunked on the Corner
Ladies Must Eat
Matchmaking Mamma
The Nightwatchman's Mistake
1928 A Dumb Waiter
A Jim Jam Janitor
Campus Vamp, The
His Unlucky Night
Hubby's Weekend Trip
Motorboat Mamas
The Beach Club
The Best Man
The Bicycle Flirt
The Girl from Nowhere
1927 Daddy Boy
Gold Digger of Weepah
His First Flame
Hollywood Hero, A
The Golf Nut
1926 Benson at Calford
Fighting to Win
Making Good
Saturday Afternoon
Soldier Man
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
1925 Boobs in the Wood
His Marriage Wow
Lucky Stars
Plain Clothes
Sea Squawk, The
There He Goes
1924 All Night Long
Feet of Mud
Luck of the Foolish, The
The Lion and the Souse
1923 A Howling Success
Boyhood Days
1920 Excess Baggage
Rare Bits
The Soft Boiled Yegg
1919 Taking Things Easy
1918 His Double Life
1917 A Fire Escape Finish
The Shame of a Chaperone
1916 A Lover's Might
Ham and the Masked Marvel
Ham's Busy Day
Ham's Waterloo
The Surf Girl
The Tank Town Troupe
1915 Bill's Blighted Career
Bill's New Pal
Father Was Neutral
Hearts and Flames
In and Out of Society
Poor Policy
The Avenging Dentist
The Curse of Work
The Fatal Note
1914 Universal Ike Gets a Goat

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