Scott Sidney

  • nar. 1874
    Warren County, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 20.7.1928
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
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1927 No Control
The Wrong Mr. Wright
1926 Nervous Wreck, The
1925 Charleyova teta
Madame Behave
Seven Days
Stop Flirting
The Million Dollar Handicap
1924 A Fat Chance
Getting Gertie's Goat
Hold Your Breath
Reckless Romance
Savage Love
Stay Single
1923 Babies Welcome
Back to the Woods
Call the Wagon
Done in Oil
Green as Grass
Hazel from Hollywood
Kidding Katie
1922 A Rambling Romeo
Bucking Broadway
Chop Suey
Ocean Swells
Oh, Promise Me
The Son of a Sheik
1921 Eat and Be Happy
How She Lied
Let Me Explain
Mixed Bedrooms
No Parking
Red Hot Love
Saving Sister Susie
The Adventures of Tarzan
Turkey Dressing
1920 813
Dining Room, Kitchen and Sink
1919 'Twas Henry's Fault
Dangerous Nan McGrew
Go West, Young Woman
Kiss the Bride
Oh, Susie, Be Careful
1918 Beware of Blondes
Her Rustic Romeo
On Her Account
She Almost Proposed
Tarzan of the Apes
The High Cost of Weddings
What Will Father Say?
1917 Her Own People
1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes
The Green Swamp
The Road to Love
The Waifs
Willie's Wobbly Ways
1915 Case of Poison, A
College Days
Lucky Blowout, A
Never Again
Scrub, The
Shoal Light, The
The Deadly Spark
The Painted Soul
The Toast of Death
Winged Idol, The
1914 A Flower in the Desert
Crook's Sweetheart, A
Desert Gold
Desert Thieves
Friend, The
From Out of the Dregs
Hateful God, The
Narcotic Spectre
Not of the Flock
Play's the Thing, The
Shorty's Sacrifice
Spark Eternal, The
Stacked Cards
The Card Sharps
The Curse of Humanity
The Gangsters and the Girl
The Thunderbolt
Worth of a Life, The
1913 The Gambler's Pal

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