Eldon Rathburn

  • nar. 21.4.1916
    Queenstown, New Brunswick, Kanada
  • zem. 31.8.2008 (92 let)
    Ottawa, Ontario, Kanada


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1998 Acid Rain
1990 Last Buffalo, The
1989 Anniversary Vignette
1987 Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety
1984 Real Inside
1983 Awful Fate of Melpomenus Jones, The
1978 War Is Over, The
1977 Who Has Seen the Wind
1976 Cold Journey
For Gentlemen Only
Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide to Better Table Manners
1975 My Friends Call Me Tony
You've Read the Book, Now See the Movie
Étrangers ennemis
1974 Drylanders Episode 1
Family That Dwelt Apart, The
1972 Huntsman, The
1971 In a Nutshell
Summer's Nearly Over
1970 Ashes of Doom
1969 Čekání na Karolinu
1965 The Railrodder
1964 Kanón
1963 Drylanders
Ride, The
1962 Christmas Cracker
1961 Morning On The Lièvre
1959 Short and Suite
1958 Fire in Town
Les découvreurs
Mystery in the Kitchen
1957 C'est criminel
1955 Au service de l'esprit troublé
Prepare for Advancement
The Pony
1952 The Romance of Transportation in Canada
1950 Family Tree
1949 Teeth Are to Keep
1948 Cette vallée qui est la nôtre
Porc de bonne famille
1947 Johnny at the Fair


1996 Making Momentum
1995 Donald Brittain: Filmmaker
1993 The Rise and Fall of English Montreal
The Rise and Fall of English Montreal
1992 Momentum
1990 Defender, The
1989 První čínský císař
1988 Beavers
1986 Making Transitions
The Champions, Part 3: The Final Battle
1985 Canada's Sweetheart: The Saga of Hal C. Banks
J.W. Morrice
1982 Standing Alone
1976 The Whales Are Waiting
1975 My Name Is Susan Yee
Operation G.A.T.E
1974 Circus World
King of the Hill
King of the Hill
1973 28° Above Below
1972 La mer
1971 Death of a Legend
1970 A Little Fellow from Gambo: The Joey Smallwood Story
Here's to Harry's Grandfather
1969 Danny and Nicky
1964 A nikdo mi nezamával
Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak
1963 Champs d'honneur
The Enduring Wilderness
1962 Blitzkrieg
1961 Everybody's Prejudiced
La fleur et la ruche
The Discovery of Insulin
1960 Circle of the Sun
Men Against the Ice
1959 Listy, co vás zlomí v kříži
1958 Itinéraire canadien
Songs of Nova Scotia
1957 City of Gold
1956 The Shepherd
1955 Gold
1954 Corral
Les Indes parmi nous
1951 De l'eau pour les prairies
1950 Golfs du Canada
1949 55,000 petits déjeuners
Carnaval d'hiver
Fibre Flax
Sauvons nos sols
Science at Your Service
1946 Safe Clothing

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