Allen Ginsberg

  • nar. 3.6.1926
    Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 5.4.1997 (70 let)
    Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA


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Herecká filmografie


2000 Twister: A Musical Catastrophe
1998 Hustler for Life
1997 Ballad of the Skeletons
1994 An Autumn Wind
1987 Further! Ken Kesey's American Dreams (TV film)
1984 It Don't Pay to Be an Honest Citizen
1981 Rocková skupina Pes Plešatec
1980 Mahagonny
1978 Thot-Fal'N
1973 Global Groove
1972 Ciao Manhattan
1971 Dynamite Chicken
Johnny Minotaur
1970 Prologue
1969 Me and My Brother
1966 Chappaqua
1964 Couch
1959 Pull My Daisy


2020 Outlaw Poet: The Legend of Ron Whitehead - a.z.
2019 Osamelí bežci: Ideme ďalej! - a.z.
Rolling Thunder Revue: Martin Scorsese na turné s Bobem Dylanem - a.z.
2017 How the Beatles Changed the World - a.z.
2016 Uncle Howard - a.z.
2015 Don't Blink - Robert Frank - a.z.
2014 Hvězdy za železnou oponou - a.z.
Science Fiction Land - a.z.
2013 Beatníci (TV film) - a.z.
2011 Bláznivá moudrost - a.z.
Love Always, Carolyn - a.z.
2010 Norman Mailer: The American
2009 Ferlinghetti: A City Light
2008 Corso: The Last Beat
The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg Deluxe Set
2007 The Old, Weird America: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music - a.z.
2005 The Ballad of Greenwich Village - a.z.
2003 Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man - a.z.
2002 Jonas at the Ocean
2001 American Magus
Chvála bláznovství (studentský film)
Literárky - Zápas o mantinely (TV film)
New York: A Documentary Film (TV seriál)
The City and the World (1945–2000) (E07)
City of Tomorrow (1929–1941) (E06)
2000 Condo Painting
My Generation
1999 New York: A Documentary Film (TV seriál)
Order and Disorder (1825–1865) (E02)
Tráva - dějiny hulení
1998 Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles
Studená válka (TV seriál)
1997 Birth of a Nation
No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg 1926-1997 (TV film) - a.z.
The Fifties (TV seriál)
1996 Happy Birthday to John - a.z.
The Coney Island of Lawrence Ferlinghetti
1995 Rock & Roll (TV seriál)
The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 6 (TV film)
1994 ChickenHawk
Drug-Taking and the Arts
Jonas in the Desert
Monument à Félix Guattari
The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg (TV film)
1993 Le cow boy et l'indien
Road Scholar
1990 Berkeley in the Sixties
Die Aids-Trilogie: Schweigen = Tod - Künstler in New York kämpfen gegen AIDS
1989 Gang of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets
1987 Beat generation: Americký sen
1986 He Stands in the Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life - a.z.
What Happened to Kerouac?
1985 Kerouac, the Movie
1984 Před Stonewallem
1983 Burroughs
1982 Poetry in Motion
Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections
1980 Marche gaie, La
1979 The War at Home
1978 Renaldo and Clara
1969 Bed Peace
Diaries Notes and Sketches
The Fall
1967 Be-In
Neohlížej se
Spoleto 1967
Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
What's Happening?
1966 Majáles 65 (studentský film)
The Velvet Underground and Nico: Super 8 Films

Hudební videoklipy

1965 Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues (hudební videoklip)

Scenáristická filmografie


1994 An Autumn Wind


TV pořady

1982 Levottomat palat (TV pořad)

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