Jack Okey

  • nar. 3.6.1889
    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • zem. 8.1.1963 (73 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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Scénografická filmografie


1959 The Young Land
1958 Missouri Traveler, The
1957 Letící šíp
1956 Great Day in the Morning
Screaming Eagles
1955 A Bullet for Joey
Captain Fathom (TV film)
The Americano
Treasure of Pancho Villa, The
1953 Devil's Canyon
Lost in a Turkish Bath
Pardon My Wrench
Split Second
1952 At Sword's Point
Blackbeard, the Pirate
Nebezpečný útěk
One Minute to Zero
1951 Hard, Fast and Beautiful
The Racket
1950 Born to Be Bad
Double Deal
1949 Adventure in Baltimore
1948 Rachel and the Stranger
1947 Night Song
Pryč od minulosti
1946 Crack-Up
Deadline at Dawn
Till the End of Time
Život je krásný
1945 Johnny Angel
Točité schodiště
1944 Experiment Perilous
Nic než osamělé srdce
Passport to Destiny
Show Business
The Master Race
1943 Higher and Higher
Johnny Come Lately
1942 Kniha džunglí
1941 Lydia
1935 Bordertown
1934 A Lost Lady
A Very Honorable Guy
Fashions of 1934
Flirtation Walk
Fog Over Frisco
Heat Lightning
I Am a Thief
Madame DuBarry
Merry Wives of Reno
The Dragon Murder Case
The Merry Frinks
The St. Louis Kid
Wonder Bar
1933 42. ulice
Central Airport
College Coach
Footlight Parade
Grand Slam
Heroes for Sale
Lilly Turner
Parachute Jumper
Private Detective 62
The Kennel Murder Case
The Working Man
The World Changes
1932 Jsem uprchlý galejník
Kapitán Žralok
Love Is a Racket
Manhattan Parade
Miss Pinkerton
So Big!
The Crash
The Crowd Roars
The Dark Horse
The Expert
The Famous Ferguson Case
The Man Who Played God
The Purchase Price
The Rich Are Always with Us
They Call It Sin
Union Depot
You Said a Mouthful
1931 Big Business Girl
Five Star Final
Her Majesty, Love
Local Boy Makes Good
Safe in Hell
The Finger Points
The Hot Heiress
The Last Flight
The Right of Way
The Ruling Voice
1930 Patrola
Show Girl in Hollywood
The Truth About Youth
1929 Broadway Babies
The Squall
1927 The Notorious Lady
1926 Old Loves and New
Sweet Daddies
1925 One Year to Live
1924 In Every Woman's Life
The White Moth
1920 Daredevil Jack

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1923 Outlaws of the Sea

Scenáristická filmografie


1923 Outlaws of the Sea

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