Bert Roach

  • nar. 21.8.1891
    Washington, District of Columbia, USA
  • zem. 16.2.1971 (79 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1951 Excuse My Dust
Inside Straight
No Questions Asked
Show Boat
Strictly Dishonorable
The Great Caruso
Vysoký cíl
1948 Good Sam
1947 'Fun on a Week-End'
Cesta ke hvězdám
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Song of Love
That's My Gal
1946 Bringing Up Father
Girl on the Spot
Little Giant
Man from Rainbow Valley
No Leave, No Love
Podivná láska Marty Iversové
Rendezvous 24
Sing While You Dance
Souboj na slunci
The Missing Lady
The Time, the Place and the Girl
Wife Wanted
1945 Bedside Manner
Dáma ve vlaku
Shady Lady
Swingin' on a Rainbow
The Blonde from Brooklyn
Where Do We Go from Here?
1944 Gambler's Choice
Music in Manhattan
Princezna a pirát
Sensations of 1945
Shine On, Harvest Moon
Song of the Open Road
The Falcon Out West
1943 Hi Diddle Diddle
Lost Angel
Mardi Gras
1942 Cairo
Dr. Renault's Secret
Fingers at the Window
Grand Central Murder
I Married an Angel
Moje sestra Ela
My Favorite Spy
Once Upon a Honeymoon
Quiet Please: Murder
Tennessee Johnson
The Wife Takes a Flyer
1941 Bachelor Daddy
Birth of the Blues
I'll Wait for You
Love Crazy
Ride, Kelly, Ride
The Hard-Boiled Canary
The People vs. Dr. Kildare
Three Girls About Town
Time Out for Rhythm
Washington Melodrama
You're the One
1940 Sandy Gets Her Man
The Mortal Storm
Women Without Names
Yesterday's Heroes
1939 A Small Town Idol - a.z.
Another Thin Man
Code of the Streets
Fast and Furious
Happily Buried
Hotel Imperial
Inside Story
Man About Town
Mr. Moto's Last Warning
Nurse Edith Cavell
Rose of Washington Square
The Great Victor Herbert
The Man in the Iron Mask
They Made Me a Criminal
1938 A Slight Case of Murder
Change of Heart
Five of a Kind
International Settlement
Joy of Living
Keep Smiling
Mad About Music
Romance on the Run
Say It in French
Stolen Heaven
The Arkansas Traveler
The Great Waltz
The Jury's Secret
Walking Down Broadway
1937 Beg, Borrow or Steal
Double Wedding
God's Country and the Woman
Married Before Breakfast
Prescription for Romance
Sing While You're Able
The Emperor's Candlesticks
The Girl Said No
Think Fast, Mr. Moto
This Way Please
1936 Byl jsem lynčován
Echo Mountain
Love Before Breakfast
Mister Cinderella
San Francisco
Sons o' Guns
The Longest Night
The Mandarin Mystery
1935 Bad Boy
Goin' to Town
Guard That Girl
Here Comes the Band
Keystone Hotel
Public Hero #1
Society Doctor
The Night Life of the Gods
Things You Never See on the Screen
Traveling Saleslady
1934 Detektiv Nick v New Yorku
Half a Sinner
I Give My Love
Marrying Widows
Občánku, co teď?
Paris Interlude
Search for Beauty
The Firebird
1933 A Quiet Night
Daring Daughters
Easy Millions
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
Only Yesterday
Rafter Romance
Secret Sinners
The Trail of Vince Barnett
1932 Divoška
Evenings for Sale
Hat Check Girl
Hesitating Love
Hotel Continental
Miluj mne dnes v noci
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Night World
Pride of the Legion
Rajské ptáče
The Finishing Touch
The Impatient Maiden
They Call It Sin
Those We Love
1931 Arrowsmith
Bride and Gloomy
Dangerous Daze
Six Cylinder Love
Three Girls Lost
Špatná sestra
1930 Captain Thunder
Down with Husbands
Expensive Kisses
For Love or Money
Free Love
Hold Everything
Lawful Larceny
No, No, Nanette
Princess and the Plumber
Scrappily Married
So This Is Paris Green
The Song of the Flame
The Stronger Sex
Viennese Nights
1929 Climbing the Golden Stairs
Desert Rider, The
So Long Letty
The Argyle Case
The Fatal Forceps
The Last Warning
The Show of Shows
The Time, the Place and the Girl
Twin Beds
Young Nowheres
1928 A Certain Young Man
A Lady of Chance
Ecce homo!
Riders of the Dark
Slečna Peggy v pokušení
Telling the World
The Latest From Paris
Under the Black Eagle
Wickedness Preferred
1927 Life in Hollywood No. 3
The Taxi Dancer
Tillie the Toiler
Twelve Miles Out
Šlehačková revoluce
1926 Money Talks
The College Yell
The Flaming Forest
Tin Hats
1925 A Nice Pickle
Black Gold Bricks
Excuse Me
Papa's Pet
Sleeping Sickness
Smouldering Fires
Tenting Out
The Denial
The Lost Cord
Under a Spell
1924 Bluffing Bluffers
Dcera bouře
Fair and Windy
Feather Pushers
Green Tees
Harem Follies
High Speed
Horse Play
Marry When Young
Mind Your Doctor
Nobody to Love
One Wet Night
Patching Things Up
Rest in Pieces
Should Poker Players Marry?
Spring of 1964
Stará šlechta
That's the Spirit
The Game Hunter
The Jail Bird
The Mandarin
The Turmoil
The Very Bad Man
Way Up North
Why Be Jealous?
Why Pay Your Rent?
Women's Rights
1923 A Matter of Policy
Bum Grafters
Bum Slickers
Chasing Wealth
Crimson Coppers
Easy Terms
Empty Bottles
Going South
His School Daze
Hoboes De Luxe
In Hock
No Parking Aloud
Out of Order
Restless Rest
Should William Tell?
Sing! Sing!
Some Service
The Coal Dust Twins
The Idea Man
The Jazz Bug
To and Fro
Tramps of Note
Tut! Tut! King
Two Auctioneers
Under the White Robe
Won't You Worry?
1922 A Dark Horse
A Shaky Family Tree
Accidents Will Happen
Almost a Rancher
Easy to Cop
High Flyers
Hold the Line
Matinee Idles
Rail Birds
Should Watchmen Sleep?
Society Hoboes
Taking Things Easy
The Black Bag
The Flirt
The House of a Thousand Trembles
Their Steady Job
Unfermented Bricks
Westward Whoa!
Where's the Parade?
1921 A Small Town Idol
Fares, Please!
Fur Coats and Pants
His Unlucky Berth
Hold Your Breath
Hot, But Healthy
Look Pleasant, Please
No Clothes to Guide Him
No Place to Live
Officer Cupid
Oh! Nursie!
She Sighed by the Seaside
Show Me Your Samples
The Millionaire
The Room of Death
The Rowdy
The Unhappy Finish
1920 Down on the Farm
Fresh from the City
Let 'er Go
Married Life
My Goodness
The Gingham Girl
The Star Boarder
You Wouldn't Believe It
1919 A Lady's Tailor
Among Those Present
Cupid's Day Off
East Lynne with Variations
Hearts and Flowers
Never Too Old
Salome vs. Shenandoah
The Speakeasy
Why Beaches Are Popular
Yankee Doodle in Berlin
1918 Beware of Boarders
Her Unmarried Life
Oh, Baby!
The Geaser of Berlin
Two Tough Tenderfeet
1917 Beach Nuts
From Cactus to Kale
Props, Drops and Flops
Roped Into Scandal
Soapsuds and Sirens
Street Cars and Carbuncles
The House of Terrible Scandals
1916 Cold Hearts and Hot Flames
Live Wires and Love Sparks
Murder by Mistake
The Lawyer's Secret
The Youngest in the Family
Where Is My Husband?
1914 Fatty, neběhej tady v košili
Universal Ike Junior at the Dance of Little L.O.

TV seriály

1980 Magnum (TV seriál) - a.z.


1964 The Big Parade of Comedy - a.z.
1925 1925 Studio Tour

Režijní filmografie


1919 The Little Widow

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