Rod La Rocque

  • nar. 20.11.1898
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 15.10.1969 (70 let)
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1941 To je John Doe
1940 Dark Streets of Cairo
Dr. Christian Meets the Women
Smrtelné setkání
1939 Zvoník od Matky Boží
1938 International Crime
1937 Clothes and the Woman
The Shadow Strikes
1936 Drag-Net, The
Taming the Wild
The Preview Murder Mystery
Till We Meet Again
1935 Frisco Waterfront
Hi, Gaucho!
Mystery Woman
1933 S. O. S. ledovec
S.O.S. Iceberg
1930 Beau Bandit
Let Us Be Gay
One Romantic Night
1929 Our Modern Maidens
The Delightful Rogue
The Locked Door
The Man and the Moment
The One Woman Idea
1928 Captain Swagger
Hold 'Em Yale
Love Over Night
Slečna Peggy v pokušení
Stand and Deliver
1927 Resurrection
The Fighting Eagle
1926 Bachelor Brides
Red Dice
The Cruise of the Jasper B
1925 Braveheart
Night Life of New York
The Coming of Amos
Wild, Wild Susan
Zlaté lože
1924 A Society Scandal
Feet of Clay
Phantom Justice
Přízeň bohů
1923 Desatero přikázání
Don't Call It Love
The French Doll
1922 A Woman's Woman
Slim Shoulders
What's Wrong with the Women?
1921 Paying the Piper
Suspicious Wives
1920 Easy to Get
Garter Girl, The
Philistine in Bohemia, A
The Common Sin
Thimble, Thimble
1919 Trap, The
1918 Hidden Fires
Let's Get a Divorce
Money Mad
Perfect 36, A
Perfect Lady, A
Ruggles of Red Gap
Uneasy Money
Venus Model, The
1917 Efficiency Edgar's Courtship
Fable of the Speedy Sprite, The
Filling His Own Shoes
Much Obliged
Sadie Goes to Heaven
The Dream Doll
The Fable of All That Triangle Stuff As Sized Up by the Meal Ticket
The Long Green Trail
The Rainbow Box
1916 Destiny
Face in the Mirror, The
The Intruder
The War Bride of Plumville
Vernon, the Bountiful
1915 Alster Case, The


1962 The Great Chase - a.z.
1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years (TV film) - a.z.

TV pořady

1952 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)

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