John Stuart

  • nar. 18.7.1898
    Edinburgh, Skotsko, Velká Británie
  • zem. 17.10.1979 (81 let)
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


1978 Superman
1975 Royal Flash
1972 Mladý Winston
1963 Paranoiac
The Scarlet Blade
1962 Danger by My Side
1960 Bottoms Up
Městečko prokletých
Potopte Bismarck!
1959 Mumie
Too Many Crooks
1958 Blood of the Vampire
Frankensteinova pomsta
Further Up the Creek
The Secret Man
1957 Chain of Events
Quatermass 2
The Naked Truth
1956 Alias John Preston
Raiders of the River
Tons of Trouble
1955 Gilded Cage, The
It's a Great Day
1954 Front Page Story
The Men of Sherwood Forest
1953 Four Sided Triangle
Street Corner
1952 The Ringer
1951 Kouzelná skříňka
Mr. Denning Drives North
1949 Man from Yesterday, The
Man on the Run
Temptress, The
Ten Little Niggers (TV film)
1948 House of Darkness
R.U.R. (TV film)
Third Time Lucky
1947 Mine Own Executioner
Mrs. Fitzherbert
The Phantom Shot
1946 Escape for Bradmoore
1945 Madonna of the Seven Moons
1944 Candles at Nine
1942 Flying Fortress
Penn of Pennsylvania
Ships with Wings
The Big Blockade
The Missing Million
The Seventh Survivor
Women Aren't Angels
1941 Banana Ridge
Hard Steel
Old Mother Riley's Ghosts
1940 Old Mother Riley in Society
1938 Claydon Treasure Mystery, The
1937 Elder Brother, The
Pearls Bring Tears
Show Goes On, The
Talking Feet
1936 Reasonable Doubt
Secret Voice, The
1935 Abdul Hamid, rudý sultán
D'Ye Ken John Peel?
Lend Me Your Husband
Once a Thief
1934 Bella Donna
Blind Justice
Blue Squadron, The
Four Masked Men, The
Grand Prix
Pointing Finger, The
The Black Abbot
The Green Pack
1933 Enemy of the Police
Head of the Family
Home, Sweet Home
Lost Chord, The
Love's Old Sweet Song
Mayfair Girl
Missing Witness, The
Mr. Quincey of Monte Carlo
Naughty Cinderella
The House of Trent
The Wandering Jew
This Week of Grace
1932 In a Monastery Garden
Men of Steel
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Mistress of Atlantis
Verdict of the Sea
Číslo sedmnáct
1931 Hindle Wakes
Wrong Mr. Perkins, The
1930 Children of Chance
Eve's Fall
Kissing Cup's Race
Nipper, The
No Exit
Radio revue
1929 Atlantic
High Seas
Taxi for Two
1928 Mademoiselle Parley Voo
Sailors Don't Care
Smashing Through
1927 Flight Commander, The
Glad Eye, The
Hindle Wakes
Roses of Picardy
Woman in Pawn, A
1926 Baddesley Manor: The Phantom Gambler
Kenilworth Castle and Amy Robsart
London Love
Mademoiselle from Armentieres
Tower of London, The
1925 Bludiště lásky
Daughter of Love, A
Venetian Lovers
We Women
1924 Alley of Golden Hearts, The
Her Redemption
His Grace Gives Notice
1923 Constant Hot Water
Little Miss Nobody
Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots, The
Mistletoe Bough, The
Reverse of the Medal, The
School for Scandal, The
This Freedom
1922 If Four Walls Told
Sinister Street
Sporting Double, A
The Little Mother
1921 Land of My Fathers
1920 Great Gay Road, The
Her Son
Lights of Home, The

TV seriály

1974 The Carnforth Practice (TV seriál)
1966 Son of the Sahara (TV seriál)
1964 The Sullavan Brothers (TV seriál)
1956 Space School (TV seriál)
1954 Lost Planet, The (TV seriál)


1969 Yesterday's Witness (TV seriál)
1935 Royal Cavalcade

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