Lafe McKee

  • nar. 23.1.1872
    Morrison, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 10.8.1959 (87 let)
    Temple City, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1949 Western Feud! - a.z.
1948 Belle Starr's Daughter
1944 Wells Fargo Days
1943 Kid Dynamite
Mission to Moscow
1942 Inside the Law
1941 To je John Doe
1940 Bad Man from Red Butte
Cesta do Santa Fe
Covered Wagon Trails
Dr. Christian Meets the Women
Hi-Yo Silver - a.z.
Music in My Heart
Pioneer Days
Pioneers of the Frontier
Riders of Pasco Basin
Son of Roaring Dan
The Cheyenne Kid
When the Daltons Rode
Wild Horse Valley
Young People
1939 Convict's Code
Heroes in Blue
Pan Smith přichází
Spoilers of the Range
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
The Man from Sundown
The Oregon Trail
1938 Gold Is Where You Find It
I'm from the City
Knight of the Plains
Rolling Caravans
Six-Shootin' Sheriff
South of Arizona
Stagecoach Days
Tajemný jezdec - a.z.
The Lone Ranger
1937 13th Man, The
Brothers of the West
Feud of the Trail, The
God's Country and the Man
Heroes of the Alamo
Law of the Ranger
Lost Ranch
Melody of the Plains
Mystery Range
Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen, The
North of the Rio Grande
Orphan of the Pecos
Range Defenders
Santa Fe Rides
The Fighting Deputy
The Painted Stallion
The Rangers Step In
Western Gold
Wild West Days
1936 Custer's Last Stand - a.z.
Custer's Last Stand
Dangerous Waters
Easy Money
For the Service
Heroes of the Range
Idaho Kid
Kid Ranger, The
Last of the Warrens
Lightnin' Bill Carson
Men of the Plains
Missing Girls
Red Lights Ahead
Roamin' Wild
Santa Fe Bound
Silly Billies
Step On It
The Bridge of Sighs
The Final Hour
The Fugitive Sheriff
The Little Red Schoolhouse
The Mysterious Avenger
The Phantom Rider
1935 Big Boy Rides Again
Blazing Guns
Born to Gamble
Circumstantial Evidence
Coyote Trails
False Pretenses
Frontier Justice
Gun Smoke
Heir to Trouble
Kid Courageous
Last of the Clintons
Northern Frontier
One in a Million
Party Wire
Queen of the Jungle
Queen of the Jungle
Rainbow Valley
Riding Wild
Rio Rattler
Rustlers of Red Dog
The Awakening of Jim Burke
The Cheyenne Tornado
The Cowboy and the Bandit
The Drunkard
The Ghost Rider
The Girl Friend
The Girl Who Came Back
The Hawk
The Ivory-Handled Gun
The Keeper of the Bees
The Marriage Bargain
The Miracle Rider
The Roaring West
The Silver Bullet
The Test
The Throwback
Tracy Rides
What Price Crime?
Wolf Riders
1934 A Demon for Trouble
Boss Cowboy, The
City Park
Frontier Days
Hell Bent for Love
Lighting Bill
Muž z Utahu
Mystery Mountain
Mystery Ranch
Na západní hranici
Nevada Cyclone
Outlaw's Highway
Port of Lost Dreams
Range Warfare
Rawhide Mail
Rawhide Romance
Ridin' Gents
Ridin' Thru
Studená ocel
The Curtain Falls
The Dude Ranger
The Fighting Trooper
The Quitter
Western Justice
1933 Cross Fire
Curtain at Eight
Fighting with Kit Carson
Galloping Romeo
Golden Harvest
Gun Justice
I Have Lived
Jezdci osudu
Lightning Range
Only Yesterday
Stezka smrti
Terror Trail
The Fighting Texans
The Man from Monterey
The Telegraph Trail
The Trail Drive
The Whispering Shadow
The Wolf Dog
Under Secret Orders
War of the Range
Černé eso
1932 Battling Buckaroo
Beauty Parlor
End of the Trail
Fighting for Justice
Gay Buckaroo, The
Gorilla Ship
Hell-Fire Austin
Hello Trouble
Heroes of the West
Mark of the Spur
Ride Him, Cowboy
Ridin' for Justice
Self Defense
Single-Handed Sanders
The Big Stampede
The Boiling Point
The Fighting Champ
The Man from New Mexico
The Rider of Death Valley
The Riding Tornado
The Secrets of Wu Sin
Tombstone Canyon
Without Honor
Young Blood
1931 Alias the Bad Man
Border Law
Cyclone Kid
Grief Street
Hell's Valley
Lariats and Sixshooters
Neck and Neck
Partners of the Trail
Range Law
Red Fork Range
Ridin' Fool, The
The Fighting Marshal
The Lady from Nowhere
The Lightning Warrior
The Texas Ranger
The Two Gun Man
The Vanishing Legion
West of Cheyenne
1930 A Woman's Justice
Breed of the West
Code of Honor
Men Without Law
Shadow Ranch
The Lone Defender
The Lonesome Trail
The Utah Kid
Under Montana Skies
1929 California Mail, The
The Amazing Vagabond
The King of the Kongo
1928 Desperate Courage
Manhattan Cowboy
On the Divide
Riley of the Rainbow Division
Saddle Mates
The Code of the Scarlet
The Riding Renegade
Trailin' Back
Vultures of the Sea
1927 Daring Deeds
Riding to Fame
The Desert of the Lost
The Fire Fighters
The Patent Leather Kid
1926 Dog Scents
Dog of Dogs
String of Diamonds, A
The Man from Oklahoma
Three Pals
1925 On the Go
The Power God
1924 Bringin' Home the Bacon
Circus Lure
Eagle's Claw, The
Pot Luck Pards
Rainbow Rangers
Western Grit
1923 Blood Test
Fighting Jim Grant
1922 Blazing Arrows
In the Days of Buffalo Bill
The Jungle Goddess
1920 The Daredevil
1919 Charge It to Me
1918 Counterfeit Clues
In Poverty's Power
Little Orphant Annie
Phantom Fame
Shifting Sands
Sold for Gold
The Cat's Paw
The City of Purple Dreams
The Price of Folly
The Rebound
The Sin of Innocence
1917 A Man, a Girl, and a Lion
In the Talons of an Eagle
Pioneer Days
The Sole Survivor
The Voice That Led Him
1916 The Adventures of Kathlyn
Wives of the Rich
1914 A Colonel in Chains
Garrison's Finish
Rosemary, That's for Remembrance
The Court of Death
The Cruel Crown
The Fifth Man
The Forged Parchment
The Garden of Brides
The King's Will
The Leopard's Foundling
The Livid Flame
The Lure of the Windigo
The Royal Slave
The Spellbound Multitude
The Two Ordeals
The Warrior Maid
Three Bags of Silver
To Be Called For
1913 A Change of Administration
A Husband Won by Election
I Hear Her Calling Me (from the Heart of Africa)
Pauline Cushman, the Federal Spy
The Adventures of Kathlyn
The Fifth String
The Finger Print
The Lesson
The Unwelcome Throne
The Water Rat
Thor, Lord of the Jungles
1912 A Detective's Strategy
Her Bitter Lesson
The House of His Master
The Three Valises

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