Charles Starrett

  • nar. 28.3.1903
    Athol, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 22.3.1986 (82 let)
    Borrego Springs, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1952 Junction City
Laramie Mountains
Rough, Tough West, The
Smoky Canyon
The Hawk of Wild River
The Kid from Broken Gun
1951 Bonanza Town
Cyclone Fury
Fort Savage Raiders
Kid from Amarillo, The
Pecos River
Prairie Roundup
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail
Snake River Desperados
1950 Across the Badlands
Frontier Outpost
Lightning Guns
Outcasts of Black Mesa
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek
Streets of Ghost Town
Texas Dynamo
Trail of the Rustlers
1949 Bandits of El Dorado
Challenge of the Range
Desert Vigilante
Horsemen of the Sierras
Renegades of the Sage
South of Death Valley
The Blazing Trail
1948 Blazing Across the Pecos
El Dorado Pass
Phantom Valley
Quick on the Trigger
Six-Gun Law
Trail to Laredo
West of Sonora
Whirlwind Raiders
1947 Buckaroo from Powder River
Last Days of Boot Hill
Law of the Canyon
Prairie Raiders
Riders of the Lone Star
South of the Chisholm Trail
The Lone Hand Texan
The Stranger from Ponca City
West of Dodge City
1946 Frontier Gunlaw
Galloping Thunder
Gunning for Vengeance
Heading West
Roaring Rangers
Terror Trail
The Desert Horseman
The Fighting Frontiersman
Two-Fisted Stranger
1945 Blazing the Western Trail
Both Barrels Blazing
Lawless Empire
Outlaws of the Rockies
Rough Ridin' Justice
Rustlers of the Badlands
Sagebrush Heroes
Texas Panhandle
The Return of the Durango Kid
1944 Cowboy Canteen
Cowboy from Lonesome River
Cyclone Prairie Rangers
Saddle Leather Law
1943 Cowboy in the Clouds
Frontier Fury
Hail to the Rangers
Law of the Northwest
Robin Hood of the Range
The Fighting Buckaroo
1942 Bad Men of the Hills
Down Rio Grande Way
Lawless Plainsmen
Overland to Deadwood
Pardon My Gun
Riders of the Northland
Riding Through Nevada
West of Tombstone
1941 Outlaws of the Panhandle
Pinto Kid, The
Prairie Stranger
Riders of the Badlands
The Medico of Painted Springs
The Royal Mounted Patrol
Thunder Over the Prairie
1940 Blazing Six Shooters
Bullets for Rustlers
Texas Stagecoach
The Durango Kid
Thundering Frontier
1939 North of the Yukon
Outpost of the Mounties
Riders of Black River
Spoilers of the Range
Texas Stampede
The Man from Sundown
The Stranger from Texas
The Thundering West
Two-Fisted Rangers
Western Caravans
1938 Call of the Rockies
Cattle Raiders
Law of the Plains
Rio Grande
South of Arizona
Start Cheering
The Colorado Trail
West of Cheyenne
West of the Santa Fe
1937 One Man Justice
Outlaws of the Prairie
The Old Wyoming Trail
Two Gun Law
Two-Fisted Sheriff
Westbound Mail
1936 Along Came Love
Code of the Range
Dodge City Trail
Secret Patrol
The Cowboy Star
The Mysterious Avenger
1935 A Shot in the Dark
Gallant Defender
Make a Million
One New York Night
One in a Million
So Red the Rose
What Price Crime?
1934 Call It Luck
Gentlemen Are Born
Green Eyes
Sons of Steel
Stolen Sweets
The Silver Streak
This Man Is Mine
Three on a Honeymoon
Undercover Men
1933 Jungle Bride
Mr. Skitch
Murder on the Campus
Our Betters
Return of Casey Jones, The
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
1932 Lady and Gent
The Mask of Fu Manchu
1931 Damaged Love
The Age for Love
The Viking
1930 Fast and Loose
The Royal Family of Broadway
1926 The Quarterback


1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 9
1938 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 5

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