George J. Folsey

  • nar. 2.7.1898
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 1.11.1988 (90 let)
    Santa Monica, California, USA


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Kameramanská filmografie


1972 Glass Houses
1963 Balkón
1960 Cash McCall
I Passed for White
1959 Count Your Blessings
1958 Imitation General
Osedlat vítr
The High Cost of Loving
Torpedo Run
1957 House of Numbers
Tip on a Dead Jockey
1956 Nejrychlejší střelec
The Power and the Prize
These Wilder Years
Zakázaná planeta
1955 Hit the Deck
The Cobweb
1954 Deep in My Heart
Executive Suite
Men of the Fighting Lady
Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
Tennessee Champ
1953 All the Brothers Were Valiant
Konečně trhák!
1952 Lovely to Look at
Million Dollar Mermaid
Shadow in the Sky
1951 Mr. Imperium
Night Into Morning
The Law and the Lady
The Man with a Cloak
Vengeance Valley
1950 A Life of Her Own
Big Hangover, The
1949 Adamovo žebro
Láska s potížemi
The Great Sinner
1948 Vládní prohlášení
1947 Green Dolphin Street
If Winter Comes
1946 The Harvey Girls
The Secret Heart
Till the Clouds Roll by
Zelená léta
1945 Hodiny
Ziegfeldův kabaret
1944 Bílé útesy doverské
Setkáme se v St. Louis
1943 A Guy Named Joe
Thousands Cheer
Three Hearts for Julia
1942 Andy Hardy's Double Life
Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
Grand Central Murder
Panama Hattie
Rio Rita
Seven Sweethearts
1941 Come Live with Me
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
Free and Easy
Lady Be Good
Married Bachelor
Rage in Heaven
Trial of Mary Dugan, The
1940 Gallant Sons
Third Finger, Left Hand
Two Girls on Broadway
1939 Fast and Furious
Lady of the Tropics
Society Lawyer
Ukradený rukopis
1938 Arsene Lupin Returns
Hold That Kiss
Marie Antoinetta
The Shining Hour
1937 Manekýnka
Nad Irskem hřmí
The Bride Wore Red
The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney
1936 Hearts Divided
The Gorgeous Hussy
Velký Ziegfeld
1935 Age of Indiscretion
I Live My Life
Kind Lady
Page Miss Glory
1934 Forsaking All Others
Men in White
Operator 13
Žena v poutech
1933 Going Hollywood
Men Must Fight
Reunion in Vienna
Stage Mother
Storm at Daybreak
1932 The Animal Kingdom
The Big Broadcast
The Misleading Lady
The Wiser Sex
1931 Honor Among Lovers
Kouzlo valčíku
My Sin
Secrets of a Secretary
Stolen Heaven
The Cheat
1930 Dangerous Nan McGrew
Grande mare, La
Lovci divoké zvěře
The Big Pond
The Royal Family of Broadway
1929 Applause
Battle of Paris
Gentlemen of the Press
Glorifying the American Girl
Kokosové ořechy
Night Club
The Hole in the Wall
The Laughing Lady
The Letter
1928 Butter and Egg Man, The
Lady Be Good
1927 Kněžna z pojízdné restaurace
Naughty But Nice
No Place to Go
Orchids and Ermine
See You In Jail
1926 Ladies at Play
Too Much Money
1925 Half-Way Girl, The
Necessary Evil, The
Scarlet Saint
1924 Born Rich
The Enchanted Cottage
1923 The Bright Shawl
The Fighting Blade
1922 A Game Chicken
Nancy From Nowhere
Slim Shoulders
What's Wrong with the Women?
1921 Room and Board
Sheltered Daughters
The Education of Elizabeth
1920 Sinners
The Fear Market
The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
1919 His Bridal Night

TV seriály

1963 Uprchlík (TV seriál)


1961 Anatomy of an Accident
1955 Battle of Gettysburg, The

Herecká filmografie


1921 Road to London, The


1982 Marx Brothers In a Nutshell, The (TV film)
1980 Hollywood (TV seriál)
1967 Omnibus (TV seriál)
1941 You Can't Fool a Camera


TV pořady

1989 The 61st Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad) - a.z.

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