Sheldon Lewis

  • nar. 20.4.1868
    Filadelfie, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 7.5.1958 (90 let)
    San Gabriel, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1936 The Cattle Thief
1933 Gun Justice
1932 Tex Takes a Holiday
The Monster Walks
Tombstone Canyon
1931 The Phantom
1930 Firebrand Jordan
Riders of the Rio Grande
Terry of the 'Times'
The Danger Man - a.z.
1929 Black Magic
Seven Footprints to Satan
Tarzan the Tiger
Untamed Justice
1928 Chorus Kid, The
Marlie the Killer
The Chinatown Mystery
The Code of the Scarlet
The Little Wild Girl
The River Woman
The Sky Rider
Top Sergeant Mulligan
Turn Back the Hours
1927 Born to Battle
Burning Gold
Driven From Home
Hazardous Valley
Ladybird, The
Life of an Actress
Overland Stage, The
The Cruise of the Hellion
The Love Wager
1926 A Desperate Moment
Bride of the Storm
Don Juan
Exclusive Rights
Lightning Hutch
Moran of the Mounted
Senor Daredevil
The Gilded Highway
The Sky Pirate
The Two Gun Man
Vanishing Millions
With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail
1925 Accused
Bashful Buccaneer
Battling Romeo
Dangerous Pleasure
Fighting the Flames
Kit Carson Over the Great Divide
Lure of the Track
Mac's Beth
Mysterious Stranger, The
New Lives for Old
Silent Sanderson
Super Speed
Taming of the Shrewd
The Red Kimona
Top of the World, The
1924 Honor Among Men
In Fast Company
Missing Daughters
The Dangerous Flirt
The Enemy Sex
Those Who Dare
1923 Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers
Little Red School House
Miláček New Yorku
1922 When the Desert Calls
1921 Děti velké revoluce
1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Silent Barrier
1919 Impossible Catherine
1918 Wolves of Kultur
1917 Warfare of the Flesh, The
1916 Charity
Iron Claw, The
King's Game, The
The Pursuing Vengeance
1915 An Affair of Three Nations
Menace of the Mute, The
The House of Fear
1914 Záhady New Yorku


1924 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 10
1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 7

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