Tony Gaudio

  • nar. 20.11.1883
    Řím, Lazio, Itálie
  • zem. 10.8.1951 (67 let)
    Burlingame, California, USA


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Kameramanská filmografie


1949 The Red Pony
1947 Love from a Stranger
That's My Man
1946 I've Always Loved You
Swell Guy
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1945 A Song to Remember
1944 Dny slávy
Experiment Perilous
I'll Be Seeing You
1943 Background to Danger
Corvette K-225
Konvoj do Murmanska
The Constant Nymph
1942 Larceny, Inc.
Muž, který přišel na večeři
Wings for the Eagle
You Can't Escape Forever
1941 Affectionately Yours
Navy Blues
The Great Lie
Vysoko v horách
1940 'Til We Meet Again
Brother Orchid
Knute Rockne All American
The Fighting 69th
1939 Juarez
Stará panna
We Are Not Alone
1938 Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Garden of the Moon
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
The Dawn Patrol
The Sisters
Torchy Blane in Panama
1937 Another Dawn
God's Country and the Woman
Kid Galahad
The King and the Chorus Girl
The Life of Emile Zola
1936 Anthony Adverse
Jeden z nesmrtelných
The White Angel
1935 Bordertown
Dr. Socrates
Front Page Woman
Go Into Your Dance
Little Big Shot
Oil for the Lamps of China
The Case of the Lucky Legs
The White Cockatoo
1934 Fog Over Frisco
Happiness Ahead
The Dragon Murder Case
The Man with Two Faces
1933 Blondie Johnson
Ladies Must Love
Lady Killer
Private Detective 62
The Narrow Corner
The Silk Express
The World Changes
1932 Kapitán Žralok
Sky Devils
The Mask of Fu Manchu
1931 Malý Cézar
The Front Page
The Lady Who Dared
1930 General Crack
Pekelní andělé
1929 On with the Show!
She Goes to War
Tiger Rose
1928 The Racket
1927 An Affair of the Follies
The Gaucho
The Notorious Lady
Two Arabian Knights
1926 The Blonde Saint
The Gay Deceiver
Žena upír
1925 Declassée
The Lady
1924 Husbands and Lovers
Tajemství lásky
The Only Woman
1923 Adam and Eva
Ashes of Vengeance
The Song of Love
The Voice from the Minaret
Within the Law
1922 East Is West
The Eternal Flame
The Woman He Loved
1921 Pilgrims of the Night
The Other Woman
The Sin of Martha Queed
1920 Adventuress, An
Forbidden Thing, The
The Fighting Shepherdess
The Inferior Sex
Whispering Devils
1919 A Man of Honor
In Old Kentucky
In Wrong
Rudá lucerna
The Unpardonable Sin
1918 Broadway Bill
1917 Paradise Garden
The Haunted Pajamas
The Hidden Children
The Hidden Spring
The Promise
Under Handicap
1916 Big Tremaine
Mister 44
Pidgin Island
The River of Romance
1914 Classmates
The Woman in Black
1911 Artful Kate
Better Way, The
Fisher-Maid, The
Manly Man, A
Message in the Bottle, The
Secret of the Palm, The
The Mirror
Their First Misunderstanding
1909 Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy

Režijní filmografie


1925 Sealed Lips

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