W. Franke Harling

  • nar. 18.1.1887
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 22.11.1958 (71 let)
    Sierra Madre, California, USA
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Skladatelská filmografie


1966 Deadly Ray from Mars (TV film)
Spaceship to the Unknown (TV film)
1954 Battle of Rogue River
The Miami Story
1953 Mission Over Korea
1950 Pygmy Island
1947 Blondie in the Dough
The Son of Rusty
1944 The Missing Juror
The Racket Man
When the Lights Go On Again
1943 I Escaped from the Gestapo
Three Russian Girls
1942 Cadets on Parade
Dáma je ochotná
Martin Eden
Parachute Nurse
Submarine Raider
1941 Adam Had Four Sons
Adventure in Washington
Blondie in Society
Riders of Death Valley
Serenáda za úsměv
The Richest Man in Town
The Son of Davy Crockett
1939 North of Shanghai
The Oregon Trail
1938 Bar 20 Justice
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Midnight Intruder
Prison Farm
Sing You Sinners
Spawn of the North
State Police
Stíny v oblacích
Western Trails
You and Me
1937 A Doctor's Diary
Black Legion
California Straight Ahead
Devil's Playground
Loď ztracených duší
Mountain Justice
Texas Trail
The Singing Outlaw
Tim Tyler's Luck
1936 And So They Were Married
China Clipper
Flash Gordon
Give Me Your Heart
I Married a Doctor
Isle of Fury
Mysterious Crossing
Rose of the Rancho
That Girl from Paris
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
The Golden Arrow
The Invisible Ray
The Peppery Salt
The Phantom Rider
Timothy's Quest
You May Be Next!
1935 A Notorious Gentleman
Air Hawks
Annie Oakley
Chinatown Squad
Lady Tubbs
Last of the Pagans
Peter Ibbetson
So Red the Rose
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery
The Great Impersonation
The Raven
The Roaring West
1934 Bolero
Death Takes a Holiday
Madame Spy
One More River
The Church Mouse
Uncertain Lady
You're Telling Me!
1933 Cradle Song
Destination Unknown
Golden Harvest
King for a Night
Man's Castle
Midnight Club
Neviditelný muž
Při světle svící
The House on 56th Street
The Keyhole
The Kiss Before the Mirror
Vášeň generála Yena
1932 Beauty and the Boss
Dancers in the Dark
Fireman, Save My Child
Hodinka s tebou
Madame Butterfly
Men Are Such Fools
Muž, kterého jsem zabil
No Man of Her Own
Plavovlasá Venuše
Rozvodová záležitost
Sbohem, armádo
So Big!
Street of Women
The Crash
The Match King
The Miracle Man
The Rich Are Always with Us
The Strange Case of Clara Deane
This Is the Night
Two Seconds
Week-end Marriage
Winner Take All
You Said a Mouthful
Útěk z ráje
Šanghajský expres
1931 Jede Frau hat etwas
Rich Man's Folly
Scandal Sheet
Stranger in Town
The False Madonna
1930 Behind the Make-Up
Men Are Like That
Monte Carlo
Only the Brave
The Kibitzer
The Right to Love
The Silent Enemy
The Vagabond King
1929 Charming Sinners
Dangerous Curves
Pointed Heels
Přehlídka lásky
The Marriage Playground
1928 Interference
Show Girl
Whip, The

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