Sol Polito

  • nar. 12.11.1892
    Palermo, Sicílie, Itálie
  • zem. 23.5.1960 (67 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Kameramanská filmografie


1949 Anna Lucasta
1948 Promiňte, omyl
1947 Escape Me Never
The Long Night
The Voice of the Turtle
1946 Cinderella Jones
Plášť a dýka
Uloupený život
1945 Rapsodie v modrém
The Corn Is Green
1944 Dobrodružství Marka Twaina
Jezinky a bezinky
1943 Old Acquaintance
This Is the Army
1942 A teď, cestovateli
Captains of the Clouds
The Gay Sisters
1941 Navy Blues
The Dog in the Orchard
The Sea Wolf
Četař York
1940 Cesta do Santa Fe
City for Conquest
Pán sedmi moří
Virginia City
1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Dodge City
Four Wives
On Your Toes
Sons of Liberty
Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
You Can't Get Away with Murder
1938 Boy Meets Girl
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Gold Diggers in Paris
Gold Is Where You Find It
Hříšní andělé
Valley of the Giants
1937 Ready, Willing and Able
The Prince and the Pauper
Varsity Show
1936 Colleen
Sons o' Guns
Three Men on a Horse
Zkamenělý les
Útok lehké kavalerie
1935 'G' Men
Frisco Kid
Go Into Your Dance
In Caliente
Shipmates Forever
The Woman in Red
1934 Dames
Dark Hazard
Dr. Monica
Flirtation Walk
Hi, Nellie!
Madame DuBarry
Sweet Adeline
Wonder Bar
1933 42. ulice
Picture Snatcher
The Mind Reader
The Working Man
Zlatokopové z roku 1933
1932 Blessed Event
Fireman, Save My Child
It's Tough to Be Famous
Jsem uprchlý galejník
The Dark Horse
Three on a Match
Two Seconds
Union Depot
1931 Big Business Girl
Five Star Final
Local Boy Makes Good
Suicide Fleet
The Bargain
The Hot Heiress
The Ruling Voice
Woman Hungry
1930 Going Wild
Madonna of the Streets
No, No, Nanette
Numbered Men
Playing Around
Show Girl in Hollywood
The Girl of the Golden West
The Widow from Chicago
1929 Broadway Babies
House of Horror
Seven Footprints to Satan
The Isle of Lost Ships
The Man and the Moment
Twin Beds
1928 Burning Bridges
Burning Daylight
Heart to Heart
Scarlet Seas
Show Girl
The Border Patrol
The Haunted House
The Hawk's Nest
The Shepherd of the Hills
1927 Gun Gospel
Hard-Boiled Haggerty
Lonesome Ladies
Overland Stage, The
Somewhere in Sonora
The Land Beyond the Law
1926 Driftin' Thru
Satan Town
Senor Daredevil
The Frontier Trail
The Seventh Bandit
The Unknown Cavalier
1925 Beyond the Border
Crimson Runner, The
Paint and Powder
Silent Sanderson
Soft Shoes
The Bad Lands
The People vs. Nancy Preston
1924 Bleskový jezdec
Cafe in Cairo, A
Flaming Forties, The
Roaring Rails
The Siren of Seville
Why Men Leave Home
1923 Mighty Lak' a Rose
The Bad Man
The Bishop of the Ozarks
1922 Loaded Door, The
Strength of the Pines
1921 The Roof Tree
1920 Alias Jimmy Valentine
The Misleading Lady
The Price of Redemption
The Right of Way
1919 Are You Legally Married?
Bill Apperson's Boy
Burglar by Proxy
In Wrong
Should a Woman Tell?
The Love Defender
What Love Forgives
1918 Her Husband's Honor
The Heart of a Girl
The Reckoning Day
Who Loved Him Best?
1917 Her Second Husband
The Runaway
1916 Fruits of Desire
Paying the Price
The World Against Him
1915 A Butterfly on the Wheel
The Butterfly
1914 Rip Van Winkle

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