Clifford Evans

  • nar. 17.2.1912
    Senghenydd, Caerphilly, Wales, Velká Británie
  • zem. 9.6.1985 (73 let)
    Welshpool, Wales, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


1975 Strife (TV film)
1970 One Brief Summer
1968 Anyone for Tennis? (TV film)
Stužka písku
1966 Twelfth Hour, The (TV film)
1964 Dlouhé lodi Vikingů
1963 The Kiss of the Vampire
1961 Kletba vlkodlaka
Man Out There, The (TV film)
1959 SOS Pacific
1958 Jack the Ripper (TV film)
Violent Playground
1957 At the Stroke of Nine
Face in the Night
Heart Within, The
Man with a Dog
1955 Gilded Cage, The
Passport to Treason
1954 Companions in Crime
Red Dress, The
Solution by Phone
1953 Accused, The
Stryker of the Yard
The Straw Man
Valley of Song
Yellow Robe, The
1952 Escape Route
1950 Twenty Questions Murder Mystery, The
1947 Silver Darlings
While I Live
1943 The Flemish Farm
The Saint Meets the Tiger
1942 Mistr jede do Francie
Penn of Pennsylvania
Suspected Person
1941 Freedom Radio
Láska na podporu
1940 At the Villa Rose
His Brother's Keeper
Hrdé údolí
The House of the Arrow
1939 North Sea Patrol
1938 13 Men and a Gun
Luck of the Navy
1937 The Mutiny of the Elsinore
Under Secret Orders
1936 Calling the Tune
Ourselves Alone
Tenth Man, The
1935 River House Mystery, The

TV seriály

1977 Kilvert's Diary (TV seriál)
1970 Codename (TV seriál)
1969 Randall a Hopkirk (TV seriál)
Od kdy už nemáš vidění? (E18)
1968 The Prisoner (TV seriál)
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (E13)
1965 The Power Game (TV seriál)
1961 Thirty Minute Theatre (TV seriál)
1958 Dial 999 (TV seriál)
1957 Stryker of the Yard (TV seriál)


1967 Heart of Show Business, The (koncert)
1964 Horror (TV film) - a.z.

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1947 Silver Darlings

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