Tom Moore

  • nar. 1.5.1883
    Fordstown Crossroads, County Meath, Irsko
  • zem. 12.2.1955 (71 let)
    Santa Monica, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1954 The Great Diamond Robbery
The Human Jungle
1953 Yesterday and Today - a.z.
1952 The Turning Point
1951 The Redhead and the Cowboy
1949 The Fighting O'Flynn
1948 Klub u cesty
Pláč města
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
The Walls of Jericho
1947 Moss Rose
Mother Wore Tights
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
Věčná Ambra
1946 Behind Green Lights
1936 Parole!
Robin Hood z Eldorada
Ten Laps to Go
The Girl on the Front Page
Trouble for Two
1935 Temný anděl
1934 Bombay Mail
1933 Mr. Broadway
Neighbors' Wives
See You Tonight
1932 Cannonball Express
Men Are Such Fools
1931 Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
The Last Parade
1930 The Costello Case
The Woman Racket
1929 Side Street
The Yellowback
1928 Anybody Here Seen Kelly?
His Last Haul
1927 Cabaret
Love Thrill, The
The Siren
The Wise Wife
1926 Good and Naughty
Syncopating Sue
The Clinging Vine
The Song and Dance Man
1925 Dobrodružství
Kiss for Cinderella, A
On Thin Ice
Pretty Ladies
Trouble with Wives, The
Under the Rouge
1924 Dangerous Money
One Night in Rome
1923 Big Brother
Harbour Lights, The
Marriage Morals
Mary of the Movies
Rouged Lips
1922 Mr. Barnes of New York
Over the Border
The Cowboy and the Lady
1921 Beating the Game
From the Ground Up
Hold Your Horses
Made in Heaven
1920 Duds
Officer 666
Stop Thief
The Great Accident
1919 A Man and His Money
Gay Lord Quex, The
Lord and Lady Algy
One of the Finest
The City of Comrades
Toby's Bow
1918 Brown of Harvard
Dodging a Million
Fair Pretender, The
Go West, Young Man
Just for Tonight
Kingdom of Youth, The
Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
The Danger Game
The Floor Below
The Lesson
Thirty a Week
United States Fourth Liberty Loan Drive
1917 Jaguar's Claws, The
Little Miss Optimist
The Cinderella Man
The Primrose Ring
The Wild Girl
1916 Beyond Recall
Dollars and the Woman
Goad of Jealousy, The
Irony of Justice, The
Lost Paradise, The
Memory Mill, The
Puppets of Fate
Silent Shame, The
Sold Out
Sowing the Wind
Tangled Web, The
Tight Rein, The
Trial of Souls, A
Truth Crushed to Earth
Weaker Strain, The
1915 Adventure at Briarcliff, The
Black Ring, The
Cabaret Singer, The
First Commandment, The
For High Stakes
Girl and the Bachelor, The
In Double Harness
Legacy of Folly, The
Secret Room, The
Seventh Commandment, The
Third Commandment, The
Weighed in the Balance
1914 Beast, The
Fate's Midnight Hour
Girl and the Explorer, The
Girl and the Stowaway, The
Green Rose, The
Her Husband's Friend
His Inspiration
In Wolf's Clothing
Judge's Wife, The
Lynbrook Tragedy, The
Mad Mountaineer, The
Mystery of the Sleeping Death, The
Nina o' the Theatre
Prodigal, The
The Barefoot Boy
The Black Sheep
The Brand
The Cabaret Dancer
The Dance of Death
The Hand Print Mystery
The Shadow
The Vampire's Trail
Weakling, The
1913 $20,000 Carat, The
A Bolt from the Sky
A Streak of Yellow
Adventure of an Heiress, The
American Princess, The
Artist's Sacrifice, The
Atheist, The
Attorney for the Defense, The
Blind Composer's Dilemma, The
Cloak of Guilt, The
For Her Sister's Sake
Heart of an Actress, The
Hunchback, The
In the Grip of a Charlatan
In the Power of Blacklegs
Midnight Message, The
Nurse at Mulberry Bend, The
Our New Minister
Panic Days in Wall Street
Pawnbroker's Daughter, The
Primitive Man
Sneak, The
The Christian
The Closed Door
The Cub Reporter's Temptation
The Fatal Legacy
The Flag of Freedom
The Senator's Dishonor
Thief in the Night, A
Unseen Terror, An
Victim of Deceit, A
When Fate Decrees
1912 A Battle of Wits
A Bucktown Romance
A Business Buccaneer
A Daughter's Sacrifice
A Mardi Gras Mix-Up
A Race with Time
Barefoot Boy, The
Belle of New Orleans, The
Girl Strikers, The
Into the Jungle
The Finger of Suspicion
The Gent from Honduras
The Mystery of Grandfather's Clock
The Pilgrimage
The Strange Story of Elsie Mason
The Young Millionaire
Thief, The
1909 Criminal Hypnotist, The
Drunkard's Reformation, A
The Voice of the Violin
1908 Christmas Burglars, The
Helping Hand, The
Test of Friendship, The

TV seriály

1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV seriál)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)


1950 Screen Writer, The
1922 A Trip to Paramountown
Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F


TV pořady

1952 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)

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