Ernie Adams

Ernie Adams

nar. 18.06.1885
San Francisco, California, USA

zem. 26.11.1947 (62 let)
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Sombra, the Spider Woman (TV film) - a.z.


The Kid from Broken Gun - a.z.


Fighting Father Dunne


Návrat zlých mužů




The Hunted


Buck Privates Come Home


Cesta ke hvězdám


Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome




Killer Dill


Killer at Large


Living in a Big Way


News Hounds


Robin Hood of Monterey


Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman


Son of Zorro


Tajný život Waltera Mittyho


The Black Widow


The Last Round-up


The Law Comes to Gunsight


The Michigan Kid


The Mighty McGurk


The Millerson Case


The Pretender


The Son of Rusty


The Thirteenth Hour


Time Out of Mind


Trail Street


Trailing Danger


Yankee Fakir




A Guy Could Change


A Letter for Evie


Chick Carter, Detective


Dangerous Business


Deadline at Dawn


Do You Love Me




Gallant Journey


Girl on the Spot


Hop Harrigan America's Ace of the Airways


King of the Forest Rangers


Lawless Breed


One Exciting Week


One Way to Love


Renegade Girl


San Quentin






The Fighting Frontiersman


The Gay Cavalier


The Gentleman Misbehaves


The Mysterious Mr. Valentine


The People's Choice


The Return of Rusty


The Scarlet Horseman


The Secret of the Whistler


The Shadow Returns


Three Wise Fools


Traffic in Crime


Up Goes Maisie




Život je krásný


Brenda Starr, Reporter


Escape in the Fog


Federal Operator 99


Frisco Sal


High Powered


I Love a Mystery


Johnny Angel


Jungle Raiders


Patrick the Great


Rapsodie v modrém


Taky dorazil Jones


That Night with You


The Great John L.


The Jungle Captive


The Man in Half Moon Street


The Master Key


Americká romance


Arizona Whirlwind


Black Arrow


Casanova Brown


Dobrodružství Marka Twaina


Ghost Guns


Girl Rush


Girl in the Case


Goin' to Town


Her Primitive Man


Lední serenáda


Louisiana Hayride


Marshal of Gunsmoke


Outlaws of Santa Fe


Princezna a pirát


Raiders of Ghost City


Raiders of the Border


Return of the Ape Man


Sbohem buď, lásko má


Scotland Yard zasahuje


The Black Parachute


The Climax


The Desert Hawk


The Merry Monahans


A Gentle Gangster


Beyond the Last Frontier


Hail to the Rangers


He's My Guy


Headin' for God's Country


Hers to Hold


Jack London


Keep 'Em Slugging


Mission to Moscow


Murder in Times Square


Mystery Broadcast


Robin Hood of the Range


Sagebrush Law


She Has What It Takes


The Masked Marvel


The Phantom


Wings Over the Pacific


Alias Boston Blackie


Bandit Ranger


Dáma je ochotná


Flight Lieutenant


Isle of Missing Men


Moje dívka Sally


Mug Town


Muž, který přišel na večeři


One Thrilling Night


Pýcha Yankeeů


Riding the Wind


Sabotage Squad


Shed No Tears


Stagecoach Buckaroo


Stand by All Networks


The Lone Prairie


The Man Who Returned to Life


The Tuttles of Tahiti


The Valley of Vanishing Men


They All Kissed the Bride




West of Tombstone


Bad Man of Deadwood


Bedtime Story


Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie


Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day


Honolulu Lu


I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island


Invisible Ghost


Mystery Ship


Outlaws of the Panhandle


Pan Smith s manželkou


Pinto Kid, The


Ride, Kelly, Ride


Riders of Death Valley


Riders of the Badlands


Road Agent


Roaring Frontiers


Robbers of the Range


Sea Raiders


Swamp Woman


The Face Behind the Mask


The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance


The Officer and the Lady


The Richest Man in Town


The Sea Wolf


Two Latins from Manhattan


Ďábel poroučí


Before I Hang


Bowery Boy


Castle on the Hudson


Dark Command


Enemy Agent


Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe


Girls of the Road


Golden Trail, The


He Stayed for Breakfast


Man from Tumbleweeds, The


Military Academy


Mladý Tomáš Edison


Návrat neviditelného muže


Out West with the Peppers


Primrose Path


Riders from Nowhere


Street of Memories


The Fargo Kid


The Man with Nine Lives


The Son of Monte Cristo


West of Carson City


Yukon Flight


6000 Enemies


Behind Prison Gates


Code of the Streets


Down the Wyoming Trail




Flaming Lead


Frontier Pony Express


Fugitive at Large


I Stole a Million


Man of Conquest


Mandrake the Magician


Overland with Kit Carson


Phantom Stage, The




St. Louis Blues


Sundown on the Prairie


Texas Stampede


The Invisible Killer


The Lone Ranger Rides Again


The Man from Sundown


Those High Grey Walls


Tower of London


Trigger Pals


Union Pacific


You Can't Cheat an Honest Man


Young Mr. Lincoln


California Frontier


Down on the Farm


Durango Valley Raiders




Gang Bullets


Gun Packer


Hollywood Stadium Mystery


International Crime


Land of Fighting Men


Law of the Plains


Outlaw Express


Ride a Crooked Mile


Rollin' Plains


Song of the Buckaroo


Stagecoach Days


Texaští střelci


The Chaser


The Cowboy and the Lady


The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok


The Jury's Secret


The Last Warning


The Mexicali Kid


The Painted Trail


The Purple Vigilantes


The Spider's Web


There Goes My Heart


Thunder in the Desert


Tough Kid


Wanted by the Police


West of Cheyenne


West of Rainbow's End


Where the Buffalo Roam


Anything for a Thrill


Arizona Gunfighter


Bar-Z Bad Men


Colorado Kid


Come on Cowboys


Danger Valley


Doomed at Sundown


Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin


Hopalong Rides Again


Law of the Ranger


Life Begins with Love


Lightnin' Crandall


Parole Racket


Radio Patrol


Range Defenders


Reported Missing


Ridin' the Lone Trail


San Quentin


Shadow, The


Stars Over Arizona


The Frame-Up


The Man Who Cried Wolf


The Old Wyoming Trail


The Trusted Outlaw


Tim Tyler's Luck


Trouble at Midnight


Two-Fisted Sheriff


Under Strange Flags


Wells Fargo


Bulldog Edition


Crash Donovan


Dodge City Trail


Exclusive Story


Hopalong Cassidy Returns


Její komorník


Missing Girls


Moonlight Murder


My American Wife


Night Waitress


Pekelná loď


Pride of the Marines


Rio Grande Romance


Road Gang


Rose of the Rancho


The Crime of Dr. Forbes


The Gun Ranger


The Invisible Ray


The Return of Jimmy Valentine


Three on the Trail


Annie Oakley


Calling All Cars




Goin' to Town


Here Comes the Band


It's in the Air


Men of the Hour


She Married Her Boss


Sluha gentleman


The Casino Murder Case


The Ghost Rider


The Glass Key


The Miracle Rider


The Perfect Clue


The Whole Town's Talking


Times Square Lady


Trail's End


A Very Honorable Guy


Badge of Honor


Dostihy smrti




Good Dame


Hell Bent for Love


Here Comes the Groom


It's a Gift


Law of the Wild


Little Miss Marker


Men of the Night


Money Means Nothing


Murder in the Private Car


Operator 13


Prescott Kid


Springtime for Henry


Stalo se jedné noci


The Girl from Missouri


The Lost Jungle - a.z.


The Lost Jungle


We're Not Dressing




Woman Unafraid


A Lady's Profession


Blood Money


Breed of the Border


Day of Reckoning


Fighting with Kit Carson


Found Alive


Galloping Romeo


King for a Night


Křivdila mu


Made on Broadway


Midnight Mary


Podsvětí ve fraku


Ranger's Code


Secrets of Hollywood


The Kiss Before the Mirror


The Sphinx


West of Singapore


Beyond the Rockies


Broadway to Cheyenne


Docks of San Francisco


Ghost Valley


Hold 'Em Jail


Is My Face Red?


Men of America


Merrily We Go to Hell


Million Dollar Legs


One Man Law


Panama Flo


Pride of the Legion


Silver Dollar


The Big Timer


The Famous Ferguson Case


The Hurricane Express


The Shadow of the Eagle


The Unwritten Law


White Eagle




Dance, Fools, Dance


Fair Warning


First Aid


In Old Cheyenne


Is There Justice?


Malý Cézar


Night Beat


The Fighting Sheriff


The Galloping Ghost


The Gang Buster


The Good Bad Girl


Tip-Off, The


West of Cheyenne


Bojovníci západu


For the Defense


Na západní frontě klid


Numbered Men


Shadow Ranch




One Splendid Hour


The Lawless Legion


The Mighty


The Saturday Night Kid


The Virginian




Trestancova píseň


A Woman's Way


On řádí v New Yorku


So This Is Love?


Stool Pigeon


Tenth Avenue


What a Night!


Jewels of Desire


Melting Millions


Men of Daring




On Ze Boulevard


The Devil's Saddle


The Gay Defender


The Main Event


Hair Trigger Baxter


Pals in Paradise


The Amateur Gentleman


The Blackbird


The Jazz Girl


The Valley of Bravery


Lord Jim


The Best People


The Pony Express


The Thundering Herd


Where the Worst Begins




The Beloved Brute


One Wonderful Night


Regular Girl, A


Merry Mavericks


Phony Express


Cactus Makes Perfect


It Happened All Night


Westward Ho-Hum


The Man in the Barn


Three Chumps Ahead


The Red Shadow


Facing the Gallows


Leaping Love


A Man About Town


Happy Days


Ten Dollars or Ten Days


Wall Street Blues


Don't Scream


Speed Bugs


Show, The


The Baby

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