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  • 30.1. v 07:33

    import this

    Beautiful is better than ugly.
    Explicit is better than implicit.
    Simple is better than complex.
    Complex is better than complicated.
    Flat is better than nested.
    Sparse is better than dense.
    Readability counts.
    Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.
    Although practicality beats purity.
    Errors should never pass silently.
    Unless explicitly silenced.
    In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
    There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
    Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.
    Now is better than never.
    Although never is often better than *right* now.
    If the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea.
    If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.
    Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!

  • 23.6.2016 v 23:05


    Boží vůle je realita.

  • 26.10.2015 v 19:11


    From here in my cage I see them make plans,
    Hear them reassure investors, shake presidents' hands.
    The men with machines put tubes into me,
    They measure my vital signs, my flight trajectory.
    They taught me to sit, taught me to lie down.
    Told me that a thousand years of wondering would end now.
    They fed me my last meal, was the same as my first.
    From here in my cage, I watch the men work.

    And now it's a flurry of lab coats and hurry.
    They talk about budgets and taxpayers' money.
    And I wag my tail and I be a good girl,
    They forgot to walk me this morning they were too busy changing the world.
    And I'm out from my cage and I'm trying to be brave,
    But the men they are sweating and now they're injecting,
    And as I awake
    I'm shocked and amazed.
    At the sheer, crushing empty.

    And I look down on men's little earth, sitting there quietly, wondering what it's worth.
    And I drift away, but that's okay, there's more room to play out here than back in my cage.

    And I know I will die, but that is fine,
    Cause in some way I am helping mankind.
    And I don't understand, cause I'm not as smart as them,
    But even a parachute would have shown that they cared.

    And so I float on, space's only dog.
    Friend to the stars, pet of the sun.
    From my little ship I dream of my bone,
    A walk in the park, something comfy to sleep on.

    And they call me Laika but I'd just like to say
    That I was born Little Curly and I'll die with that name.

  • 5.6.2015 v 11:21


    Přátelé jsou jako brambory. Když je sníte, tak zemřou.

  • 19.5.2015 v 21:18


    Minulý čtvrtek 14/5/15 jsem měl to štěstí být na palubě žlutého autobusu jedné nejmenované dopravní společnosti na cestě z Prahy do Brna. Cestovala se mnou i skupinka cca šesti fyzicky postižených dětí společně se dvěma svými vychovateli. Na začátku cesty k nám promluvil stevard těmito slovy: "Dobrý den, moje jméno je Matouš..." Na to se ozval hlasitý smích z míst, kde seděla skupinka výše zmiňovaných lidí.
    Matouš byl vytrolen. Já se bavil. Chňo, chňo, chňo.

  • 22.3.2015 v 14:00


    There is such hope in the stories we've been told
    Recounted endless times by the aging and old
    Tales of peace, worship and holy places
    Palaces adorned with gold and lofty terraces
    But I'm always left with quiet dismay
    Cause I'm told that some of those I love won't be with me
    So I'm left behind in an eternal place
    Cause the ones who meant the most didn't receive Your grace
    They called it beautiful, but to me it holds nothing that is holy
    I can only know what I've seen
    And what I've seen is that You've made us clean
    Given us the right to be anything we want to be
    Why would You give me eyes to see and then deny me these?
    Eternity is a lock found inside our hearts and You've handed Humanity the key
    So I won't be swayed by fantasies of unquenchable flames
    Or some place of torment, the damned never to see Your face
    We are all Your creation
    You love us all the same
    A Father doesn't sit idly by while His children are maimed
    I've seen true Grace
    I promise you we will never feel the lick of those flames
    Where Death is your glory?
    Where Death is your sting?
    For we are all children of the King
    Every last one an eternal being
    So I'll reject your fear and hatred
    For I bring Good News that will be for all nations!
    I've seen wholeness in the broken
    I've seen health in the sick
    Why do we stifle the Word You've spoken?
    If it kills me, I'll tear these walls down brick by brick
    I've seen hospitality in the homeless
    I've seen Light in the darkness
    And I've seen hope in the damned
    So if all that has meant the most to me isn't present after my last breath
    Count me with the fallen sheep and send me to the depths

  • 21.2.2015 v 23:28


    Cenu Českého lva v kategorii nejlepší herečka ve vedlejší roli vyhlásí a předá přední český gynekolog a porodník, pan doktor Karel Šuk! 

  • 19.1.2015 v 13:28


    Halóóó, právě spouštím ostřikovač na svém trávníku!

  • 10.1.2015 v 23:06


    Adam slaví narozeniny. A my s ním.

  • 8.1.2015 v 12:43


    KFC Evropská, asi 14letý chlapec si kupuje dětské menu a vybírá omalovánku:
    "Tak už máme jen delfínky a duhu."
    "Delfínci jsou pro buzny, dejte mi duhu."

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