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I'm waiting for the night to fall

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    • 10.7.2020  00:52

    Ten pocit, když po hodině filmu tušíš že to bude za plný počet a čekají tě ještě další dvě. Filmu, který jde rázně proti diváckým očekáváním. Atmosférická záležitost s výbornou Rebeccou Ferguson.

    • 3.7.2020  12:40

    "Men swarm around me like moths around a flame. And if their wings are singed, surely I can't be blamed."

    • 3.7.2020  12:20
    Frankenstein (1931)

    "Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!"

    • 3.7.2020  12:07

    "Listen, Little Boy, in this business there's only one law you gotta follow to keep out of trouble: Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doing it."

    • 3.7.2020  10:14
    King Kong (1933)

    "Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World."

    • 3.7.2020  10:00

    "When humanity, subjugated by the terror of crime, has been driven insane by fear and horror and when chaos has become supreme law, then the time will have come for the empire of crime."

    • 2.7.2020  19:13

    "Chance is the fool's name for fate."

    • 2.7.2020  19:00

    "To a new world of gods and monsters!"

    • 2.7.2020  17:43

    "All is fair in love and war, and this is revolution!"

    • 2.7.2020  17:33

    "People here are funny. They work so hard at living they forget how to live."

    • 2.7.2020  17:15

    "The mob doesn't think. It has no mind of its own."

    • 2.7.2020  12:56

    "There are moments in every man's life when he glimpses the eternal."

    • 29.6.2020  16:34

    "I told you, I haven't even met her. But I'd kinda like to marry her... I think I will."

    • 29.6.2020  16:18

    "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

    • 29.6.2020  12:05

    "Now it isn't that I don't like you, Susan, because, after all, in moments of quiet, I'm strangely drawn toward you, but - well, there haven't been any quiet moments."

    • 29.6.2020  11:48

    "You know, every time I think about how lucky I am, I feel like screaming."

    • 28.6.2020  21:13

    "You came right to the right man."

    • 28.6.2020  20:44

    "Doufám, že důvěru ve mě vloženou, nezklamete!"

    • 28.6.2020  19:45

    "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others."

    • 27.6.2020  21:49
    Kristián (1939)

    "Dnes večer jsem vás viděl poprvé. Neznal jsem vás a vy jste neznala mně. A právě to je nádherné..."

    • 27.6.2020  21:42

    "A nyní ukázka, jak hluboko může poklesnouti septimán."

    • 27.6.2020  19:15

    "Walter, you're wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way."

    • 27.6.2020  18:56
    Rebecca (1940)

    "You look tired. Why don't you stay here a while and rest, and listen to the sea? It's so soothing. Listen to it. ...Listen. Listen to the sea."

    • 27.6.2020  18:25
    Diktátor (1940)

    "To those who can hear me, I say, do not despair."

    • 27.6.2020  17:50

    "My, she was yar..."

    • 27.6.2020  16:55
    Nebe a dudy (1941)

    "Mordyje to byla dívčina, ta s těma modrejma očima."

    • 26.6.2020  10:47

    "You've been lucky, Huw. Lucky to suffer and lucky to spend these weary months in bed. For so God has given you a chance to make the spirit within yourself. And as your father cleans his lamp to have good light, so keep clean your spirit..."

    • 26.6.2020  10:12
    Podezření (1941)

    "If you're going to kill someone, do it simply."

    • 26.6.2020  10:03
    Vlkodlak (1941)

    "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

    • 26.6.2020  09:35

    "Shall we drink to a blitzkrieg?" - "I prefer a slow encirclement."

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